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Extreme Chocolate Brownies

Ultra Chocolaty – Extreme Chocolate – Brownies This is our favorite brownies recipe for oh so many reasons. They are easy to make, the recipe yields a huge batch, they freeze beautifully and, oh yeah, they happen to be the most extremely rich chocolate brownies you have ever tasted. That is a bold statement to […]

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recipe for blondies


After brownies, blondies are a most popular bar cookie. Flavors of brown sugar and butter are the characteristic features and these are indeed like the blonde cousin of the chocolate or cocoa-laced brownie. Many variations abound, some naked with no chips or nuts in sight, but most recipes have one or both. We have added […]

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Brownies with shiny, crackly crust

The Best Brownie Recipe for a Shiny, Crackly Crust

These brownies are not too cakey, not too fudgy. If you bake them just right, they will have both qualities and feature a desirable, shiny and crackly crust. Brownies are one of those desserts where we think you can never have enough variations. You need truffle-like ones, dense ones, cakey ones – we love them […]

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