Sifting Nuts

Sifting Nuts Creates Better Flavor and Texture

sifting walnuts

You are probably wondering what I mean by sifting nuts. We toast them, we chop them, but sift? Yes! Check out the image. Walnuts for instance have a bitter, flaky skin. After chopping, a vigorous sift and voila – look at all those powdery bits! They are to be discarded as they will only add bitterness and an unwelcomed texture to your cookies, brownies and cakes. Sure, this is a nuance, but the image should convince! Give it a try and see if you find an improvement in your finished products. Try this technique the next time you make our Extreme Brownies.

This works for many nuts that have brittle, flaky skins such as pistachios and hazelnuts, too.

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