Which is the Perfect Cupcake?

which is the perfect cupcake?

When I show people cupcakes of different sizes, as above, most are drawn to the one on the right, and that one is perfect if you are going to glaze with ganache or poured fondant, but that doesn’t mean the shallow one on the left is any less desirable!

As you can see in the video below, I explain how it is all a matter of your desired end result. For Two-Tone Buttercream Rose Cupcakes, I actually prefer the shallower of the two. The flatter, recessed cupcake top is the perfect canvas for those stunning creations.

As always, know your recipe start to finish so that you can make the right choices along the way. Want a glazed cupcake? Fill the fluted papers about three-quarters of the way so that you get a full, gently domed cupcake. Want to top your cupcake with a buttercream rose or a large swirl of frosting with no cupcake showing? Fill the fluted papers only two-thirds of the way with batter to create a shorter, flatter cupcake. Neither is right or wrong – it is a matter of application. It’s your choice! Just plan ahead.

which is the perfect cupcake 2

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