Easy Chocolate Curls

Make Chocolate Curls with a Vegetable Peeler

small chocolate curls 1

I like chocolate in my desserts, under and on my desserts. The easiest way to make chocolate curls is with a block of chocolate and a vegetable peeler. It is all about having a sharp peeler and a block of chocolate that is the right temperature. Too cold and the chocolate will shatter; too warm and you won’t get curls.

small chocolate curls

To make the nice little, tight curls as seen in the image above the chocolate should be at warm ambient room temperature, then you simply use the peeler to scrape off curls from narrow side of the chocolate. A wider surface will make wider curls; your choice.

  • Use a large block of chocolate, at least 3 or 4 ounces in size. You cannot get a good grip of a smaller piece and even though you might not use all of it, you need size to hold it steady so that you can then draw the peeler across the surface.
  • Practice with white or milk chocolate, which are softer and easier to work with. Darker chocolates are harder in texture and the curls will shatter more easily.
  • The great majority of the time the chocolate is too cold. Place the block on a plate and zap in microwave for a few seconds, check it by making a test swipe with the peeler, then zap again if needed.
  • Tiny curls like the ones pictured melt easily. Have a small bowl ready to catch the curls as they fall away from the block of chocolate. Do not touch the curls with your fingers! Use a spoon to scoop them up to sprinkle on top of your desserts.
  • Make more than you need and freeze in an airtight container until needed. Will last for months.

PS: Our 13 year-old intern Sofia made the curls shown and she had never done it before! It’s easy if you follow the tips! You can do it.

Image: Dédé Wilson

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