Dipping Candies and Truffles in Tempered Chocolate

dipping candies and truffles in tempered chocolate

There are two techniques we like to use when coating ganache centers or candies in a chocolate shell – dipping and rolling. The technical name encompassing both is “enrobing,” but dipping and rolling will give different results. When dipping, a larger amount of chocolate is used and a slightly thicker shell is formed. Rolling the centers in melted chocolate gives a more delicate covering.

To dip, have tempered chocolate in a narrow, deep container (we often use a standard 2-cup Pyrex measuring cup). Drop a chilled/firm center in the chocolate and allow it (and encourage it) to become completely submerged. Use chocolate dipping tools or a couple of forks to lift the center out of the melted chocolate and shake it gently, or toss it back and forth from tool to tool, to remove as much excess chocolate as possible. You can also situate the coated candy on one of the forks (not pierced, but resting in the tines) and tap the handle of the fork on the edge of the container to encourage as much excess chocolate to drip away as possible. Make sure, however, that the center is completely coated. If surplus chocolate is left on the center after dipping, it will accumulate around the base of the candies upon cooling, making what is called a “foot” – which is thick, unattractive and hard to crunch through. If a foot develops, you can try trimming it with a sharp paring knife after the dipped candy has firmed up.

To make a more delicately rolled coating, you also begin with chilled/firm centers and tempered chocolate. Place about a tablespoon of tempered chocolate in the palm of one hand and drop a rolled center on top of it. Roll it around with both palms until it is completely covered/coated with tempered chocolate. The chocolate in your palm will harden quickly so work rapidly. You might have to pause and wash your hands a few times. Note that if you are working with chilled truffle centers, they should be chilled but not be ice cold. They will shock the tempered chocolate and make it harden too quickly if they are too cold. Remove them from the refrigerator for at least 5 to 10 minutes before enrobing. The timing will depend on the temperature of the centers and of your room. They should just be cold enough to hold their shape.

Candies and truffles dipped in tempered chocolate can be stored at room temperature or refrigerated. Always bring to room temperature before serving.

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