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The Benefits of a Stand Mixer


I bought my first KitchenAid in the early 1980s when I was hired to make my first wedding cake. I knew I needed a stand mixer to accomplish the job and used the down payment from the wedding cake to buy a shiny 5-quart lift model, and the machine is still going strong. Lauren uses the one she received as a wedding gift years ago and this stand mixer is what we use in the Bakepedia Test Kitchen.

Image: KitchenAid

For many avid bakers, the stand mixer is something they have come to rely on and we have to admit, we do take them for granted. For those of you who haven’t yet taken the plunge and are still wondering if its worth it, here are our top reasons for using these babies, I mean mixers, although they are as dear to our hearts as many family members.

  • Hands-free baking, more power, less mess and faster results. These might be apparent but time after time, they prove to be really helpful reasons.
  • Most stand mixers come with varied attachments, which make them much more versatile than a hand-held mixer.


Image: Dédé Wilson

  • The balloon-whisk will beat a hot Italian meringue buttercream into chilled submission, which can often take up to 10 minutes, freeing you to wash the pot from the sugar syrup or prep other recipes. A huge time saver.


Image: Dédé Wilson

  • They knead heavy yeast dough effortlessly with a super-effective dough hook so that we still have use of our biceps to pick up our kids at the end of the day.


Image: Dédé Wilson

  • This flat beater creams butter and sugar for fluffy layer cakes in much less time – and more effectively – than a hand-held mixer.
  • Have you tried to whip a large batch of egg whites by hand? Even with a classic copper egg-white bowl, this is a lengthy, laborious experience at best.
  • That said, depending on the mixer that you have, some do not whip one or two egg whites very well as the contact between the beater and the bowl isn’t as efficient as it could be. Some mixers, however, allow you to adjust the levels of contact. See How to Adjust Your Stand Mixer.
  • Many mixers come with stainless steel bowls that we find handy for all sorts of uses – even when not being used as a mixer. The bowls are great for makeshift double boilers and the narrow deep-bowl styles are great for ice-cream molds or for molded cakes with mousse fillings.
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