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gluten-free shortcakes

Gluten-Free Shortcakes

Delicious Gluten-Free Shortcakes Ready for the Fruit of Your Choice In summer I like to make shortcakes often as the crumbly biscuits showcase so many different fruit so well. But for those of us eating gluten-free, we need a basic recipe of our own and I stumbled upon this version by accident. I was visiting […]

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Cutting rose petals

Raspberry Rose Shortcakes

Move Over Strawberry Shortcake! Strawberry shortcake might be classic but this incredibly pretty, aromatic pink version combines raspberries and roses. The sweet/tart berries are complemented in color and flavor by the floral roses, which are both shredded – I like to say ribboned – and incorporated into the filling and strewn about as whole petals […]

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