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green tea honeysuckle cake_2

Green Tea Honeysuckle Cake

Matcha, Milk and Honey Make this Cake Unique What is green and bitter and that we find absolutely irresistible? Matcha, or powdered green tea! We love it brewed or used in baking. And since we are “thinking green” for St. Patrick’s Day, we thought we would re-visit this simple, lovely Bundt cake. By the way, […]

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matcha cake 2

Matcha Cake with Raspberries

Matcha For Baking This Matcha Cake with Raspberries was one of those ideas that came to my mind fully formed as a visual as I was thinking about something new and elegant but also colorful for the Easter holiday. I added matcha, powdered green tea, to meringue to add color as well as temper the […]

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matcha chocolate chip cookies

Matcha Chocolate Chip Meringues

No, your monitor isn’t playing tricks on you. These Matcha Chocolate Chip Meringues are indeed a very pale green. Matcha is ground green tea and it lends the color to these cookies as well as a pleasantly bitter and vegetal flavor. I also happen to love it with chocolate. Here it is paired with semisweet […]

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matcha vacherin

Matcha Vacherin

Matcha Desserts Sometimes an ingredient grabs our attention and we want to use it in every and any way possible. Such is the case with matcha. We love this classic Japanese beverage prepared the traditional way as a frothy hot tea, but we have also come to love it in baked goods. The slightly bitter, vegetal […]

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