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Dulce de Leche Swirl Lollipops

A New Way to Enjoy Dulce de Leche – in a Lollipop We have used dulce de leche to drizzle over grilled pizza, to pour over ice cream and pound cake, serve with waffles and of course, to eat by the spoonful. Here it is nestled within a hard candy lollipop –a combination of textures and […]

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banana waffles

Banana–Brown Butter Waffles with Dulce de Leche

Waffles Featuring Banana and Dulce de Leche My best friend Juanita is a huge brunch person. She likes sweet and savory dishes – just make sure they are prepared by someone else, presented mid-morning and her day is set up for success. She lives around the corner from the Test Kitchen and on any given […]

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nectarine pizza

Grilled Nectarine Pizza with Dulce de Leche, Crème Fraiche and Pecans

A Sweet Grilled Pizza with Grilled Fruit  You could call this grilled pizza an open face tart, because that is really what it is, except that by using a classic yeast dough, you get that great chewiness that you find in a savory pizza. Peaches can be used as well, but peel them first. Nectarines […]

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nectarine foster

Nectarines Foster with Dulce de Leche Ice Cream

Bananas Foster Made with Summer’s Nectarines and Purchased Ice Cream Sun-kissed juicy nectarines replace bananas in this summery take on the classic New Orleans dessert, Bananas Foster. Dulce de Leche ice cream intensifies the caramel notes and compliments the fruit beautifully. It would also be delicious made with peaches or pineapple. Print Nectarines Foster with Dulce de Leche Ice Cream Author: Sarah Tenaglia […]

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