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crepe batter

Crêpe Batter

Crêpe Batter is Easy to Make in a Blender Crêpes are easy and versatile. Leave out the sugar and these work well with savory fillings as well. They also freeze well making them a great component for party needs. The crêpe batter must rest so that the gluten in the flour relaxes a bit, so […]

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lace crepes

Lace Crêpes with Raspberry Sorbet and Pink Whipped Cream

Crêpes Take on a New Look This was inspired by a photograph. People often ask me how recipes come about, and sometimes it is as simple as seeing a dish so visually compelling, that I cannot wait to bring it to life in my kitchen. And for such an impressive looking dessert, this is quite […]

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Vanilla Crepes with Nutella-3_2

Vanilla Crêpes with Nutella

Nutella is the Perfect Crêpe Filling You probably got to the word Nutella in the title and made your decision right then and there to check out this dessert. People go insanely crazy over this chocolate hazelnut spread. As easy to use as peanut butter, and shelf stable, too, if you have a jar around […]

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