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Cotton Candy_Atelier Confectionary - Version 2

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy     Don’t be scared that the word “decapitating” appears in the first sentence of this recipe! It is just in reference to a hack you need to perform on a standard wire whisk in order to make this cotton candy at home. This recipe is more of a spun sugar than a […]

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Cheesecake_SWEETAPOLITA copy

Coney Island Cheesecake

Coney Island Cheesecake     Cheesecakes never go out of style or demand. Doesn’t matter what the current diet fad is or the season, cheesecakes are always popular. And as they lend themselves to tweaking and reinvention, versions abound…but we bet you have never seen one like this! Rosie Alyea has used animal crackers and […]

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