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Chocolate Cake - Version 2

Chocolate Cake

Healthful Chocolate Cake   Robyn Youkilis has brought us a book called Go With Your Gut where she gently and encouragingly takes us thought her journey to wellness. As someone who lives with IBS and related issues I found her approach refreshing and very relatable. Here is her version of  a healthful Chocolate Cake; it is gluten […]

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German Chocolate Cake

Classic German Chocolate Cake While researching my Birthday Cake Book, I spoke with several people who said no birthday would be complete without this cake. Chocolate layers are filled and topped with a sweet coconut-pecan frosting. The name of the cake comes from a sweet chocolate bar developed for Baker’s Chocolate Co. by Sam German in the […]

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Dad’s Black Cocoa Bundt with Butter Whiskey Glaze

A Bundt Cake Featuring Black Cocoa We love Bundt cakes here in the Test Kitchen and we are trying to bring them back into favor. There is something simple but delectable about the proportion of cake (a lot of it) to a bit of glaze or frosting. This recipe from the Baked boys, Matt Lewis […]

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Chocolate Pavarotti with Wicked Good Ganache

Rose Adds Some Spice to This Chocolate Cake If you read our posts about baking Rose Levy Beranbaum’s Polish Princess and her Renée Fleming Golden Chiffon, then this entry will tickle your taste buds as well. We love Rose as much as you do and we have found that baking one of her recipes and […]

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Easy Chocolate Cake

This picture shows the cake baked in 9-inch rounds and filled and frosted with espresso buttercream. The name is true but we turn to this easy chocolate cake recipe for its incredibly rich flavor, its deep, dark color and incomparably moist texture – and because it works every time. Every. Time. You don’t even need […]

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