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Baking Bible - Renee Fleming Cake_2

The Renée Fleming Golden Chiffon

Rose’s Lemony Golden Chiffon Cake   Here is how I know Rose Levy Beranbaum loves me. Well, aside from her telling me that, she entrusted me with this golden chiffon cake from The Baking Bibleto re-create for you. (Read the full book review here). This might not seem like a big deal; it’s just a […]

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kiwi lime chiffon

Kiwi Lime Chiffon Cake

A Sweet and Tart Chiffon Cake BFFs have a way of inspiring you. My friend Jenn’s favorite fruit is kiwi and I was determined to make a fabulous cake featuring the pale green fruit for her birthday. During a brainstorm session with Rose Levy Beranbaum the idea for this cake was born – out of […]

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chiffon cake 2 6.22.53 PM

Orange Chiffon Cake

An Easy, Citrus Spiked Orange Chiffon Cake Chiffon cakes are often baked in angel food cake pans so they look quite similar. Chiffon cakes, however, use egg yolks, and often include extra egg whites and a bit of oil, which makes for a springy, light cake with a bit more substance than angel food. Using […]

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