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Strawberries and Caramel

Coconut Milk Caramel Sauce

Coconut Milk Caramel Sauce     I wasn’t sure what to name this Caramel Sauce. It is made with Nature’s Charm Evaporated Coconut Milk, so I figured I had to put the word “coconut” in the title.   But the thing is that the result is not overwhelmingly coconut-y. This tastes like a classic caramel […]

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caramel buttercream creamy

Caramel Buttercream Tutorial

Troubleshooting Caramel Buttercream Do not confuse this with caramel frostings and icings, which develop a hard crust and act as more of a glaze. While all of these recipes share a rich caramel flavor, this one is a true caramel buttercream. Incredibly silky smooth but with that burnt sugar flavor we caramel fanatics crave. I admit […]

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banana caramel cake whole

Banana Cake with Caramel Buttercream

Two-Layer Caramel Frosted Banana Cake Turns out that banana bread was the most searched for recipe on the Internet for 2014. No one seems to know why but we agree that it is a must-have basic for every baker’s repertoire and for banana lovers. This is a banana cake – a little richer, a little […]

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