Almond Buttercrunch Toffee recipe

Almond Buttercrunch Toffee

Testing this buttercrunch toffee recipe was a nightmare – for our waistlines! It is easier than it looks (so you won’t be expending many calories) and then it beckons to be eaten. The crunchy texture of the center, with its extra-deep toffee flavor based on brown sugar, combined with the dark chocolate and sliced toasted-almond […]

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banana bread recipe

Banana Bread

We went on the hunt for the perfect banana bread. Here was our criteria: we wanted a quick bread using oil and the-wet-and-dry method for ease of preparation. We also wanted maximum banana flavor but found many banana bread recipes were dense and gummy when loaded with fruit, something we wanted to avoid. Certainly the […]

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slice of crème fraiche cheesecake

Crème Fraîche Cheesecake with Rhubarb Compote

We adore cheesecakes in all of their guises, from ricotta-based Italian style and dense, creamy New York style, to this ethereal version based largely on the sweet yet slightly tangy crème fraiche. Some cheesecakes are baked slowly in water baths or low temperature ovens. Our crème fraiche cheesecake is initially baked at a high heat, […]

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chocolate hazelnut baklava recipe

Chocolate Hazelnut Baklava

Classic baklava typically features walnuts or almonds and sugar syrup spiced with cinnamon. Our baklava recipe is a decidedly more decadent variation with flavors of chocolate, hazelnuts and espresso, although the technique of layering thin, crispy phyllo dough with melted butter remains the same and there is the hot syrup component as well. We like […]

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coconut pineapple cake

Coconut Pineapple Cake

If you want a pretty, feed-a-crowd, moist, impressive coconut pineapple cake, look no further. You will, however, have to look for unsweetened coconut milk for the cake batter. This is not the same as cream of coconut, which is that extremely sweet ingredient in many Piña Colada recipes. Read the label. You want either 100% […]

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Coconut Shortbread with Lime Curd

This bar is a basic buttery shortbread enriched with shredded coconut and finely chopped macadamias, topped with a layer of lime curd and crowned with large toasted coconut flakes. This shortbread recipe does ask you to buy two different unsweetened-coconut products – neither of which are in your standard supermarket’s baking aisle (that coconut is […]

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Extreme Chocolate Brownies

Ultra Chocolaty – Extreme Chocolate – Brownies This is our favorite brownies recipe for oh so many reasons. They are easy to make, the recipe yields a huge batch, they freeze beautifully and, oh yeah, they happen to be the most extremely rich chocolate brownies you have ever tasted. That is a bold statement to […]

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Cream Cheese Pound Cake

This cream cheese pound cake recipe has been made by three generations of Dede’s family; it is incredibly easy, full of flavor and has an exquisite texture with a buttery aroma. It keeps very well and we love it toasted with fresh berries or poached fruit for breakfast or brunch. You do need self-rising cake […]

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Double Chocolate Scones with Cinnamon Butter

Chocolate for breakfast? Why, of course! These are rich and very chocolatey, with both cocoa as well as semisweet chocolate chunks. Because these are all about the chocolate flavor, use high-quality cocoa and chocolate. Our favorites for this chocolate scones recipe are Scharffen Berger cocoa and Valrhona Equitoriale chocolate. Our one concession, to make them […]

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pistachio butterball cookies

Pistachio Butterball Cookies

If you are a fan of the buttery, crumbly, nutty cookies known as Mexican Wedding Cakes and Russian Tea Cakes, you will love this pistachio version. The pale green color of the nut shows through the hefty coating of confectioners’ sugar that envelops these butterball cookies. They are rich and elegant and keep quite well. […]

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nectarine raspberry fruit buckle

Nectarine Raspberry Buckle

This very moist, fruit-filled coffeecake with its crunchy cinnamon-scented streusel topping is easy to mix up in one bowl, and the nectarines and raspberries combine all of the best summer bounty in one treat. Cut into large squares, this fruit buckle is great for a coffee break or as a portable picnic dessert. Print Nectarine […]

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recipe for blondies


After brownies, blondies are a most popular bar cookie. Flavors of brown sugar and butter are the characteristic features and these are indeed like the blonde cousin of the chocolate or cocoa-laced brownie. Many variations abound, some naked with no chips or nuts in sight, but most recipes have one or both. We have added […]

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Brownies with shiny, crackly crust

The Best Brownie Recipe for a Shiny, Crackly Crust

These brownies are not too cakey, not too fudgy. If you bake them just right, they will have both qualities and feature a desirable, shiny and crackly crust. Brownies are one of those desserts where we think you can never have enough variations. You need truffle-like ones, dense ones, cakey ones – we love them […]

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Blackout Cake

The visual of this cake, with its shaggy coating of dark cake crumbs, harkens back to the Ebinger’s Blackout Cake beloved in the New York area. The bakery closed its doors in the early 1970s and the original blackout cake recipe was never published; our version uses “black” cocoa, which is a specialty product that […]

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ménage a trois cookies recipe

Ménage à Trois Cookies

These cookies have quite a history, as you might imagine from the name. In 1985, Dédé was working at a scratch bakery where she was developing recipes for the retail store. The name came before the cookie itself. She was brainstorming with her colleagues about what would sell and this provocative little term seemed perfect. […]

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Roasted Fresh Figs and Raspberries

If you have only ever had dried figs, never fresh, then this simple dish will be a revelation. Dried figs have their sweet and chewy charms, but fresh figs have a delicacy that might surprise you. They are naturally quite sweet, and their almost sticky texture is sensual and luxurious. They are available from May […]

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yellow cake recipe

Yellow Cake

This is our go-to yellow cake recipe. It’s buttery, tender and moist and we developed this version with all-purpose flour because it’s a pantry staple. No need for a box mix when you have such a fast and easy recipe at hand. This cake is a great start if you are new to baking from […]

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Cream Cheese Frosting

Cream Cheese Frosting

Here is a classic cream cheese frosting recipe for carrot cakes and many other cakes as well. It is very creamy, spreads like a dream and is not too sweet. Print Cream Cheese Frosting Author: Bakepedia Makes: Makes 3⅔ cups; enough for an 8-inch or 9-inch layer cake or a 9 by 13-inch cake   Ingredients 1 […]

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