Mummy Cupcakes

Spooky and Sweet Mummy Cupcakes


These Mummy Cupcakes are all about the friendly yet slightly spooky mummy created with frosting. Feel free to use whatever cupcake you like as a base, although a darker cupcake (like chocolate) will give you some contrast and add interest as well as flavor. Getting the mummies’ wraps to look right might take some practice, so try it a few times on a clean plate, then scrape up the frosting and reuse. Ateco tip #47 has one side that will make smooth ribbons and one side that makes ridges. Use the smooth side.

Excerpted and Adapted from Baker’s Field Guide to Cupcakes. Recipe © 2014 by Dede Wilson and used by permission of The Harvard Common Press.

Mummy Cupcakes
Makes: 18 mummified cupcakes
  • 18 baked and cooled cupcakes of your choice
  • 1 batch Confectioners’ Sugar Frosting
  • Pastry bag and coupler
  • Ateco tip #47
  • Yellow paste or gel food coloring
  • Ateco or Wilton tip #12
  • 36 semisweet chocolate morsels
  1. Place cupcakes on clean work surface. Place some frosting in pastry bag fitted with tip #47 and using the smooth side of tip to form mummy’s wraps on top of cupcakes, leaving some brownie showing through for eyes. Think about what it looks like to make a head wrap around an injured person! There should be angled wraps on the top of the mummy’s head, with some angled and some horizontal ones beneath its eyes. Each wrap should overlap the previous one to give a realistic look. This is one cupcake where the photo really is worth a thousand words!
  2. Tint remaining frosting a nice yellow for glowing eyes! Use pastry bag fitted with tip #12 to pipe rounds for eyes with yellow frosting. Insert chocolate morsels, tip side down, in center of eyes to make irises. Make sure you can see some yellow around the morsel. Cupcakes are now ready to serve and best served the same day. Store at room temperature in airtight container.


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