Marzipan Mushrooms


These look adorable placed alongside a Buche de Noel, but they could enhance any winter holiday cookie tray as well.

Image: Dédé Wilson

Marzipan Mushrooms
Makes: Makes about 10 to 20 mushrooms, depending in size
  • ½ pound marzipan
  • Cocoa, Dutch or natural
  • Red gel color (optional)
  • Small, pointed artists’ brush (optional)
  1. Roll marzipan between palms and on work surface to soften slightly. Roll small log-shaped pieces for stems and balls for the mushroom caps. Use your finger to make an indentation in each ball and form a slightly domed cap. Insert stem into underside of cap and gently squeeze two parts together.
  2. If you want to make them look poisonous, you can make a few red dots here and there using the gel color and brush, but this isn’t necessary. Dust mushrooms with cocoa “dirt” through a fine meshed sieve. Store in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 1 week. They will develop a bit of a crust, but they are still very tasty.
Bakepedia Tips

  • Marzipan is available ready-made, and we do have preferences for brand. Many supermarkets carry a brand that comes in a tube packaged in a box and it is very dry and we do not recommend it, despite its accessibility. We like to use American Almond , which markets small cans under their Love ‘N Bake Almond Paste sub-brand.
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