Hostess with the Mostest Cupcakes

Just Like the Classic Chocolate Cupcake

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Description: Just like the commercially prepared ones (ahem, Hostess Cupcakes we are looking at you) with the similar name, these start with chocolate cake which is filled with a creamy vanilla filling. A chocolate glaze goes on top, which is decorated with white frosting squiggles. If you want to be true to the original, make sure to make seven squiggles on each cupcake.

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Field Notes: This cupcake recipe is a perfect example of how the basic recipes in my book (and on Bakepedia) can be put together to create a singular creation. I hope you will mix and match to your heart’s content to come up with your own tasty ideas…you might just come up with the next famous iconic flavor combination and signature look!

Special Characteristics: Fun to make with kids

Adapted fromA Baker’s Field Guide to Cupcakesby Dédé Wilson. Harvard Common Press.

Hostess with the Mostest Cupcakes
Makes: 30 chocolatey, squiggly cupcakes
  1. Place paper liners in 30 cupcake pan wells. Prepare Easy Chocolate Cake batter and divide evenly among paper liners. Bake as directed. Cool.
  2. Prepare Confectioner’s Sugar Frosting: Using pastry bag and #12 tip, place frosting in pastry bag and insert tip right down in the center of each cupcake. Squeeze to fill with frosting. As soon as the top of the cupcake begins to expand and crack, ease up on pressure – the cupcake has taken on as much filling as it can. (You are aiming for about 1 tablespoon filling per cupcake). If any frosting is oozing out of the top, simply wipe away before glazing. Cupcakes may be made up to this point early in the day of serving.
  3. Prepare Ganache and have ganache in a fluid state. Use a small offset spatula or a teaspoon to apply about 1 tablespoon of ganache to the top of each cupcake; cover the top smoothly with ganache. Using pastry bag and #3 tip, place frosting in pastry bag and pipe seven loopy squiggles across the top of each cupcake as shown in photograph. Chill cupcakes briefly until glaze is set. Cupcakes are now ready to serve.
  4. Lifespan: Cupcakes may be baked two days ahead; glazed cupcakes are best served the same day. Store in airtight container.

Image: Peter Muka

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