Fresh Figs, Ricotta and Honey

easy fig recipes: Fresh-figs-ricotta-and-honey

This fig recipe is about assembling fine ingredients, as opposed to firing up the stove. When fresh produce jumps off the shelves at us, we like to treat it gently and highlight its unique flavors and textures. Fresh figs are rich and sweet and feel special – not an everyday fruit. Plating them simply with fresh ricotta and a drizzle of honey is all you need. Read about the different types of fresh figs in our blog to learn more about their individual flavor profiles.

Ricotta can be made from cow, sheep, goat or water buffalo milk. It has a slightly grainy-yet-creamy texture all at once and should taste as fresh as can be. In fact, it is a “fresh” cheese and as such should be eaten as freshly as possible. You can find commercial cow’s-milk ricotta in the dairy section of any supermarket, but if you have a Whole Foods near you, a specialty cheese shop or a farmer’s market, see if you can find it fresh. If you are buying off the shelf, look at the ingredients. They should contain nothing but milk, an acidic coagulant (sometimes labeled as “starter”) and salt. That’s it; no gums, thickeners or other additives. We have had good experiences with Calabro brand. As for honey, it is actually easier and easier to find different honeys and depending on the flowers that the bees feed on, they too will have different flavor profiles. For this dish, a common honey such as orange blossom or clover will work well. If you can find lavender honey, give that one a try. Whichever type you use, try to find a raw, unfiltered, un-heated honey.

Fresh Figs, Ricotta and Honey
Makes: Serves 4
  • 8 fresh, plump figs, preferably Black Mission, at room temperature
  • 1 cup whole-milk ricotta, preferably fresh
  • ½ cup to ¾ cup honey
  1. Prepare right before serving. Snip off hard stems from the figs. Cut into quarters (or use your judgment depending on size) and place two-figs worth on each plate, attractively bundled in the center. Stir the ricotta in a small dish until creamy and dollop on top of figs. Drizzle with honey as desired and serve immediately.
Bakepedia Tips

  • Having the figs at room temperature is vital for the most optimum flavor and textural experience.
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