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cheddar crackers 3

Cheddar Cheese Crackers

Easy, Cheesy Hors d’oeuvres Crackers I have to admit I don’t do a ton of savory baking and every now and then, such as when I make these classic hors d’oeuvres cheddar cheese crackers, I scratch my head and wonder why the hell not? These are quick to make and as addictive as a Cheez-It! Seriously. Better […]

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pumpkin mushroom rounds

Maple Mushroom Pumpkin Rounds

One of Our Pumpkin Recipe Finalists This savory entry in our 2104 Pumpkin Recipe Contest took us by surprise in a good way! It begins with baking a real pumpkin and mashing the flesh with butter, cream and spices. The gluten-free baked rounds combine Parmesan cheese and almond meal – we could think of many […]

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Thanksgiving Pie

All Your Favorite Thanksgiving Dinner Flavors in a Pie I am a huge fan of day-after Thanksgiving sandwiches, combining all of the holiday dishes, but look at this slightly more formal variation – Thanksgiving Pie – from Sherry Gore’s book, Me, Myself, and Pie. We might be trying this version as well as one substituting mashed sweet potatoes for […]

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103_Blue Cheese Apple Pie with Walnuts

Blue Cheese Apple Pie with Toasted Walnuts

A Sweet and Savory Apple Pie to Grace Your Holiday Table   This Blue Cheese Apple Pie with Toasted Walnuts with its sweet and salty balance of tangy blue cheese, sweet fruit and crunchy, toasty nuts is a perfect example of the kinds of desserts and treats that Agatha Kulaga and Erin Patinkin are drawn to. […]

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graham crackers

Graham Crackers

Homemade Graham Crackers with Graham Flour Graham crackers might bring a few things to mind – perhaps preschool snacks, s’mores or graham cracker crumb crusts? They are a classic American childhood snack and they also find their way, particularly as a crust, into many desserts. Maybe they don’t seem very exciting to you on their […]

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Fig Conserve Jars

Mission Fig Conserve

A Fig Conserve from Paulding & Company Paulding & Company is a full catering kitchen based in San Francisco founded by mother-daughter duo Tracy and Terry Paulding. My daughter Ravenna Wilson is also a baker so I know first hand how rewarding and fun it can be to bake with a loved one!  Their goal is […]

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vidalia onion cornread 1

Caramelized Vidalia Onion Bacon Cornbread

Vidalia Onions Taken to a New Level Just typing those words gets me going. The naturally sweet Vidalia onions are caramelized in bacon fat until golden then a classic cornbread batter is poured on top with the crumbled, crisp bacon folded in. Drool worthy. We like to make these in a cast-iron pan. I used […]

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Vidalia Onion Apple Upside Down cake

Vidalia Onion Apple Upside Down Cake

A Sweet and Savory Upside Down Cake Onions in a cake? YES! We had testers who couldn’t tell the Vidalia onions were there – they sort of melt into to the cake – but everyone loved the sweet and savory aspects to this take on the classic upside down cake. Try this for brunch with […]

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caramelized pear

Grilled Caramelized Pears with Gorgonzola

A Great Savory Fall Dessert – or Appetizer Every now and then I appreciate a cheese course for dessert and I adore combining cheeses with something sweet – like quince paste, candied nuts or a drizzle of honey. This grilled caramelized pears recipe is perfect for the fall when pears are at their best. I […]

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Pizza Crust

Peter Reinhart’s Neo-Neopolitan Pizza Dough

Easy Homemade Pizza Dough When I have a bread question I call my friend Peter Reinhart. He knows bread and has written several books on the topic, including the James Beard Award winning Crust & Crumb. You can also watch him discuss the art of bread and yeast in his TED Talk. Of course, not everyone […]

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Adventure Bread_2

Adventure Bread Gluten-Free Bread

Hearty – and Gluten-Free! This Adventure Bread from Josey Baker Bread got my attention first because it was so interesting and hearty looking and then when I learned that it was a gluten-free bread, I thought, I have to learn how to make it! This is not a delicate bread, but toasted with some goat cheese […]

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Meatball Muffins

I don’t do nearly as much savory baking as I do sweet and I am always interested in what others are creating. These, my friends, are inspired. While I always say follow a recipe to the letter the first time you make it, I was immediately thinking about variations: adding or subbing in Romano or […]

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Fromage Blanc Spreads

Homemade Fromage Blanc

The milk for cheesemaking needs to be fresh – no older than 48 hours. Ask at your grocery store when milk is delivered and try to buy it the same day. You will need two pots for this recipe: an 8-qt/7.5-L pot for the milk and a 2-qt/2-L pot for the buttermilk. Including crème fraîche […]

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Bacon Thyme Gougères

The aroma wafting from the oven while these are baking is literally mouthwatering. This gougères recipe, based on classic pâte à choux dough, features Gruyere cheese, a bit of thyme, bacon and a dash of dried mustard baked into a savory hors d’oeuvre. They might sound fancy, but these can get into the oven in the […]

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savory cheesescake_1

Savory Smoked Salmon Cheesecake

Yes, this is a savory cheesecake, but hear us out. What’s not to love about cream cheese, salmon, fresh dill and a hint of lemon all tied together with the flavors of an everything bagel? A version of this cheesecake recipe first appeared in The Wedding Cake Book, where I presented it as a wedding-cake-shaped […]

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Pumpkin Cornbread

Rich and silky canned pumpkin purée can enliven so many baked goods – biscuits, cakes, muffins, mousses, you name it. We particularly like it with cornbread, as the result balances perfectly between sweet and savory. A nice, warm hunk of this orange-hued pumpkin cornbread goes as well with a bowl of chili as it does […]

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Bacon Bourbon Salted Caramel Popcorn

Bacon, bourbon, rich caramel and salt – we’ve happily gathered all of your vices into one satisfying snack. If you like a little heat in the mix, add a little cayenne to get a subtle bite as well. This salted caramel popcorn recipe is highly addictive. You have been warned. Just before going in the […]

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