Caramel Hot Chocolate

caramel hot chocolate

Hopefully you have discovered our Hot Chocolate Truffle Bombs, which we think make some damn good hot chocolate. This recipe for Caramel Hot Chocolate was a happy accident. We had the truffle bombs hanging around and an extra batch of our caramel sauce and, voila!, a new hot beverage combining rich dark chocolate, cream and the addictive flavor of burnt sugar was created. This will keep some change in your pocket, too, because even with all the high-quality ingredients, this is so much more economical than ordering a grande at the local coffee house. Use your favorite hot chocolate recipe if you like; just be sure to use our homemade caramel sauce (included in recipe), as the bitter edge is what makes this drink work so well.

Image: Peter Muka

Hot Caramel Chocolate
Makes: Serves 4
  1. Have hot chocolate in a saucepan, heated until hot. Add ½ cup of the caramel sauce and whisk until combined. Taste and add more caramel sauce, if you like. Serve hot.

Bakepedia Tips

  • This is one recipe where exactitude is not necessary. Simply flavor your hot chocolate to taste with the caramel – a little more, a little less as you like. The caramel is sweet and we find hot chocolate that starts with darker chocolates works best here.
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