Zeroll DecoSpoons Review

Zeroll DecoSpoons

Product Description: A set of two spoons, one large (9”) and one small (7.5”), with stainless steel bowls and beechwood handles. They look like over-sized fountain pens in that the spoon is shaped to provide a narrow, controlled channel for sauce to flow to help form decorative patterns on a plate.

Interesting tidbit: DecoSpoons were developed by chef Christophe Vinot in Nancy, France, to improve his presentations. He bent spoons to create a new shape that would facilitate the process, and eventually established his design and produced them in his garage. In 2011, he met another chef and industrialist who suggested that they go into commercial production.

Zeroll DecoSpoons

Test Kitchen Overview: I am not much of a plated dessert person. When I do embellish desserts, it tends to be simple – a sprinkle of confectioners’ sugar, a little caramel drizzled on the side, that sort of thing. These spoons made it look easy to create whirls and swirls in a more controlled manner, so I was excited to see how intuitive the design would be.

The spoons are comfortable to grasp and are indeed simple to use, if you follow the specific instructions. The texture of your sauce is everything. Too thick and it won’t flow through the tip; too thin and it flows too fast, so you have to take some time getting the viscosity right. I concentrated on desserts, of course, so I tested with caramel sauce, chocolate sauce and also a thin, seedless raspberry purée.

The most important parts of the instructions are about the sauce’s texture, how much sauce you “load up” in the spoon and also how you hold the spoon. The larger spoon has a larger opening and can handle thicker sauces, but also makes broader strokes and shapes. For either spoon, you want to fill it up just part way; the sauce should not overflow the sides of the spoon.

When you have the sauce ready to go, you must hold the spoon upright. I found that a vertical position or sometimes a slight slant were best. Then you draw. That’s the best way to describe the action. Just like a fountain pen, you draw the spoon along the plate and the sauce flows out in whatever pattern you create – dots, lines, curlicues, etc.

Zeroll DecoSpoons

Pros: While DecoSpoons are not necessary tools by any means, they are fun, economical gadgets for the home foodie who has everything. Especially if you are fond of plating desserts and recreating a restaurant-style presentation, these spoons are easy to use.

Cons: Getting the sauces to the right consistency takes some trial and error, as does the actual action of drawing. Practice makes perfect. For the home cook, we tend to play with different recipes all the time and therefore we would have to possibly tweak each recipe, and our technique, to work with the spoons.

Suggested Use: Any time you want a restaurant-style presentation with a sauce, or multiple colors and flavors of sauces, with which to plate your dessert. Zeroll suggests using the spoons for “syrups, sauces, caramel, chocolate, salad dressings, gravy and more.”

Where to Buy: Direct through Zeroll or through Amazon and some Bed, Bath & Beyond stores.

Price at Time of Review: $24.99 from Zeroll

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Images: Peter Muka

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  1. Agus Muliawan December 27, 2017 at 9:13 am #

    Dimana saya bisa membeli sendok ini ?

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