When is a Teddy Bear Also a Bunny?

You Can’t Judge a Cookie By Its Cutter


If your treasure trove of cookie cutters looks anything like our collection it is a jumbled mass of hearts and flowers, gingerbread men, dogs, candy canes, stars, bunnies, chicks, shamrocks and assorted seasonal and themed shapes. When we look through the pile we tend to see what we see. The heart is a heart, the bunny is a bunny. Well, what if they were so much more? Just take a look at these images and you will immediately see what I am getting at.

When the book You Can’t Judge a Cookie by Its Cuttercame across my desk I was floored. I have never seen such creativity with cookie cutters. Author Patti Paige “sees” things that you and I don’t (or in my case I’m pretty sure I couldn’t on my own). She has a true artist’s eye and has transformed the way I will look at lowly cookie cutters from now on.

Look at the Teddy Bear above. Adorable, right? Lovely icing job and presentation. Now look at the Magic Rabbit in a Hat below.

teddy_bear_rabbitinhat_0090 1


It’s made from The Same Cookie Cutter! Yup. Now look at the Toadstool and Dragonfly




…and the Kisses and Hugs




Is your mind blown yet? They were all made with the Teddy Bear cutter! The book is laid out by primary cutter so that you can make 100 different cookie designs with just a few cutters – and most of the cutters are ones you probably already own!

A heart cutter becomes in turn a pumpkin, a tropical fish and a strawberry. A Santa Claus becomes a witch, a turkey and a rabbit. A pear can be turned into a ham, a flower or a laughing hippo. I am telling you, I am simply amazed at Patti’s ability.


We highly recommend this book, You Can’t Judge a Cookie by Its Cutter. It puts a spin on decorated cookies that we haven’t seen before and the designs will take you through the year, hitting all the seasonal and holiday high points as well as providing some simply gorgeous cookies that will work for whatever event you have at hand.

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