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We are thrilled to introduce you to Bakepedia, The Baker’s Resource ® and we look forward to having you in our budding community. The idea behind our site is to eventually become your one-stop for everything related to baking and desserts. We have a test-kitchen where we are developing original Recipes.We are bringing you the Tips and Tricks that we have learned from our decades of work in professional kitchens, always with an eye towards what works for you, the avid home baker.

The site is in beta mode. There is the ability for you to comment on recipes and posts and we look forward to hearing from you. We will be increasing functionality over the next few months, so please come back often to experience the changes. Eventually there will be the ability for you to create your own accounts, add and save recipes, interact with our editors as well as one another. Think of Bakepedia as a co-creation between you and us.

Our motto is “Helping Bakers Succeed.” Accessibility and reliability are our goals. In order to do that, while we have ideas of what to bring you, we also want your thoughts and involvement. Bakepedia is here to help you become the best baker you can be. Tell us how we can help you.

Dédé brings 28 years of experience as a best-selling cookbook author, contributing editor to a major food and lifestyle magazine, bakery owner, television host and corporate recipe developer. She is self-taught and is always thinking about the needs of the home baker.

We hope to bring you an intellectual yet highly approachable world of baking and that can partially be experienced through the Encyclopedia, which is in its nascent form. Eventually every entry will be a multi-media experience and we know it will be a resource for home bakers, pastry chefs and culinary students alike.

If you are interested in working with us on content, please email Dédé at Dede@bakepedia.com.

Leo Sarian is our Director of Operations and has brought the site to life, literally, through his technical knowledge and ability to keep all of us humming and producing. As the site is beta, he will be addressing any tech glitches that come up. Please let us know if you find something.

Kristen Ciccolini, our Marketing Director, manages all communications and marketing, editing content and overseeing brand development, social media and email communications. Any media or advertising inquires for Bakepedia can be directed to her at Kristen@bakepedia.com.

Enjoy perusing the site. At this point content will be added several times a week, so come back and visit.

Here’s to Bakepedia being with you in the kitchen for some time to come.

Happy Baking!

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