Uploading Images to Bakepedia

Before uploading an image to showcase your own recipe, it must be in the proper aspect ratio and pixel size to work properly. Our featured images are in a horizontal format and yours need to be also. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Your images must be in a horizontal 6 x 4-inch aspect ratio. Crop your pictures to this dimension.
  • If your editing program allows you to choose pixels as well, either choose 72 dpi, or some programs have a “Save for Web” option, which will choose 72 dpi automatically.

Use your favorite image resizing application or check out the following:

  • GIMP (Windows/Mac OS X)
  • Photoshop (Windows/Mac OS X)
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery (Windows)
  • Preview (Mac OS X)
  • Pixlr (Web-based)

This article explains how to use these various applications.

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