Traina Fruit Review, or the Importance of Sexy Dried Fruit

Traina-dried-bing-cherries fruit review

Raisins, prunes and dried apricots are all standard in our kitchen. We suppose dried cherries feel kind of sexy, but that was way back when they were more of a hard-to-find specialty product; now you can source them easily. So what makes dried fruit sexy? It’s not like we spend time thinking about this – but – we were at the Fancy Food Show in New York City this past July and came upon a booth with the most voluptuous-looking dried fruit that we stopped dead in our tracks. Plump, over-sized and juicy with incredibly vibrant colors. They had an aerial photo of their California farm with acres of the most brilliantly colored fruit drying in the sun. One of the things we will do here at Bakepedia is bring brands to you that you might otherwise not find, products that will enhance your baking experience, and Traina Foods is one of them.

We had to stop and chat. Traina Foods has been family-owned since 1926 and produces amazing sun-dried fruits and veggies from apples to stone fruits to tomatoes, blueberries and more. The Bing cherries caught our attention, as they are the most plump and moist we have ever seen. Yes, these were sexy cherries. You can order directly through their site, but note that the minimum size is five pounds. You could also contact them about a retailer near you. Of course, other than these cookies we will be using these in coffeecakes, in granola, in our holiday Florentine cookies, in savory wine sauces and eating them out of hand, so that five pounds is going to fly.

We headed to the kitchen and came up with Cherry Cacao Nib White Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Traina’s dried Bing cherries provide sweet, tart, chewy pockets of fruit that work harmoniously with the creamy white chocolate. The cacao nibs provide a nubby texture and a deep, rich chocolate flavor.

Bakepedia received this product as a gift for review. All opinions are the reviewer’s own.

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