Top 10 Healthy Tropical Desserts

Healthy Desserts to Make Now


It’s the middle of summer and we want fresh, fruity and healthy! Our fellow bloggers have come up with a colorful, delicious array with beautiful, tasty, healthy options. Here are our Top 10 Healthy Tropical Desserts.

I am particularly taken with the Papaya and Banana Frozen Yogurt shown above from Layla Pujol has many healthy options to choose from on her blog and this frozen treat doesn’t have to require an ice cream maker.


Shelly Fulton and Gretchen Dambach Fritsch bring us a grilled dessert from their Two Healthy Kitchens blog. The combo of grilled pineapple and bananas with the creamy ricotta topping tastes indulgent, but fits a light approach.



How about a vegan Chamomile + Coconut Mango Milkshake? Creamy, rich and fruity all at once. Sherrie Scaglione Castellano shows us how on her With Food and Love blog.



Faith Gorsky Safarini takes a pineapple and lets it be a pineapple! When fruit is so good, you don’t have to tinker too much. She uses a Sri Lankan pineapple, but Hawaiian will do. With a touch of vanilla bean paste, it becomes frozen sunshine on a stick in her Vanilla Pineapple Popsicles.



Julia Mueller brings us a Coconut Chia Seed Pudding made with coconut milk, almond milk and features mango, too. Check out her other recipes at The Roasted Root.



This Pina Colada Smoothie from Lisa Longley’s Wine and Glue blog contains no alcohol but does contain the expected and delectable combo of pineapple and coconut. The mango gives it color and a rich texture.


pomegranate gumdrops

I love pomegranate. I love the color, the flavor, the way it stains my aprons! These All Natural Pomegranate Gumdrops are awesome! Chewy, fruity, sparkly with a little crunch of sugar and a gorgeous deep red-pink. Susan Lightfoot Moran shows us how easy they are to make on her The View From Great Island blog. We recommend that you refrigerate these.



Well, you knew I had to get chocolate in here somehow, right? Dark Chocolate, Orange & Pistachio Greek Yogurt Cups are chocolaty, but have a hint of citrus and crunch, all brought together with rich and creamy Greek yogurt. Brianne Izzo shows us how assembling simple ingredients can create a dessert pretty enough for a dinner party (but I think I might eat these for an indulgent breakfast).



With a blog called Yummy Healthy Easy, we should have known we would find something to tickle our taste-buds. Frozen desserts are so perfect this time of year and these Watermelon Kiwi Popsicles by Jen Nikolaus are incredibly refreshing.


Guava and yogurt

And last but not least let’s thank Susan Lightfoot Moran for reminding me how much I Love guavas, as she has imagined, above. I have actually written a story about what is perhaps the most erotic and sensual food experience I have ever had and it features this fragrant tropical fruit. Her dish is simple, pretty, healthy and above all, lets this fruit shine in all its glory.



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