The Better Spatula Review

New Style Silicone Spatula

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Product Description: The “better spatula”, by ChefsPlanet is described as “The better choice for cleaning off your beaters…the slots in this neat spatula let you easily clean the blades of your beater without making a mess or sacrificing any of that yummy batter…it can handle anything in the mixing bowl from lifting, spreading, stirring and scraping”.


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Test Kitchen Overview: We like tools that really work and certainly silicone spatulas are something we reach for often, whether we are folding meringue, scraping cookie dough out of a bowl or gently incorporating flour into a delicate cake batter. Our KitchenAid stand mixer is put to use every day and we often use our fingers or switch to an extra-small spatula when attempting to remove every bit of batter/dough from the flat paddle or balloon whip. This spatula, as you can see below, works quite well with the KitchenAid attachments. (The manufacturer’s image shows it in use with similar a flat paddle). We were concerned that the slits in the spatula would flay out to the sides when we went to scrape heavy cookie dough out of the bowl at the end, but they didn’t. It really worked well and we didn’t have to switch to a smaller spatula or resort to our fingers. When we tested it on rotary style beaters from a hand beater it worked, but not as well. These beaters are smaller and the spatula was a bit unwieldy in this application, however, since we are die-hard stand mixer folks, we can see using this tool regularly.


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Pros: Well made silicone spatula with slits/slots that effectively scrape batter and dough from our stand mixer’s flat beater. Dishwasher safe and heat resistant up to 425°F (218°C). Works well as a conventional spatula as well, scraping ingredients out of bowls. We liked the length of handle and width of the spatula. The dimensions are well designed.


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Cons: If you mostly use a hand-held beater, this tool will not be as much help.

Suggested Use: If you primarily use a KitchenAid mixer and its attachments, we highly recommend this tool. Great gift for the baker “who has everything”.

Where to Buy: Through Chefsplanet or through Amazon.

Price at Time of Review:

Suggested retail price is $15.00


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Bakepedia received this product as a gift for review. All opinions are the reviewer’s own.




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