The Alexander Weiss Interview: Our Favorite Junior MasterChef

The Alexander Weiss Interview

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If you missed watching MasterChef Junior, then you missed out. These kids know their way around the kitchen. Alexander Weiss was victorious and is now developing recipes for House Foods, among other activities – like starting high school! He wants to open a restaurant someday – and we will cover it when he does. He took time out of his busy schedule to chat with us.




Dédé Wilson: Alexander, first of all, we loved your energy and recipes on MasterChef Junior. Your macaron recipe is so emblematic of your really smart approach to cooking and baking. We use plenty of tofu here, but never would have thought of using it for a French macaron. Tell us about your creative process in how this recipe developed.

 Alexander Weiss: French macarons are one of my favorite things to bake, and I wanted to utilize House Foods Tofu to create something different. I figured that the tofu would be a good base for some sort of filling for the macaron, and enhancing it with some simple flavors as to not overcomplicate the pastry, such as mascarpone, or honey. No favorite ingredients or least favorite ingredients come to mind, however, what truly matters to me is the quality and freshness of good ingredients. Living in NYC, I have access to some of the best ingredients, and it doesn’t really matter what kind of ingredient it is, just as long as the quality is good.  Working with House Foods Tofu has given me the chance to create recipes that families can enjoy making and eating together.  Tofu is a great substitution for various everyday ingredients to ensure meals have that extra nourishment with every bite.


Dédé Wilson: You have been all over the place since your win with appearances and recipes…tell us how competing and winning has changed your life.

By competing on the show, and in the end winning; I have had amazing opportunities to travel the world for my culinary passion. My life has been boosted into the path I need to be on to begin my culinary profession at such a young age, and it couldn’t have been done without MCJ.


Dédé Wilson: When it comes to baking and desserts, what are your favorites to eat and to make and why?

I love to eat light and refreshing desserts, nothing too heavy as to not spoil the meal had before it. I love to bake French and American desserts, as that is what I grew up baking with my mom. Sometimes, the simple things are always what make me the most happy.


Dédé Wilson: For others out there who are your age and who have an interest in baking and cooking, what are your words of wisdom?

Cooking is something that many people do at home, but for some it is more than that, it is a passion. For some, it’s that burning desire to whip up a batch of ice cream base at midnight because you had this crazy idea for an ice cream flavor that you just had to make. If cooking and baking makes you happy, you already have half of the foundation of cooking; that passion. If cooking is the path you want to take your life, follow it, and stick with it through all the ups and downs.


Dédé Wilson: What’s next for you? We want to hear about your short term and long term plans.

The next steps for me begin with high school, as well as future summer internships in restaurants to learn. I continue to cook at home, but want to open a restaurant in the future.


Dédé Wilson: Thank you so much for your time, Alexander. We wish you luck with your career and cannot wait to see how far you go! You are an inspiration.



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