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Product Description: The UK-based brand’s craft gun “enables you to produce decorative shapes and finishes using fondant icing, flower paste, Mexican paste, regal ice, soft polymer clay and Fimosoft.” The gun comes with 16 discs, each producing a different shape, from round tubes to ridged logs to spaghetti-like strands, flat ribbons and more.

Test Kitchen Overview: The product was sent to us from Beryl’s to test. It is quite easy to use and we tested it with rolled fondant. There are two parts to unscrew: the head where you place your disc of choice and the body where you fill it with fondant, gum paste or even Starburst candies. It will extrude anything semi-soft and not too sticky. The craft gun holds a scant two tablespoons of product, but that can create a pretty long ribbon of rolled fondant!

Changing discs and cleaning the gun are a breeze. The discs come in a small secure container (seen in image above), so they won’t get lost. We made the hair for our cupcake “kids” (shown in the image below) in seconds on the first try.


Images: Dédé Wilson

Pros: The design is very intuitive and we were able to load and use it without even reading the instructions. The trigger is very easy on the hands with no pressure points.

Cons: The gun retails for just under $50, which might be a steep price to pay for the casual cake decorator. While the discs come with a little container, we would have loved it if the gun and the disc container came in a larger package to keep them together in storage.

Suggested Use: The SugarCraft Gun can be used with typical cake decorating ingredients as mentioned, such as rolled fondant and gum paste, but can also be used with soft candies like Starburst or Tootsie Rolls. Use it to embellishments for your cakes, cupcakes or anything else you like. If you work with rolled fondant and gum paste a lot, put it high on your list of new products to buy. If you happen to be crafty in general, this tool extends beyond the kitchen and can be used with soft clays to aid in jewelry making and other crafts.

Craft Gun

Image: Peter Muka

Where to Buy: You can find it online through Amazon, directly from the manufacturer or from Beryl’s in the U.S., among other places.

Price at Time of Review: Approx. $47.50

Have you tried the SugarCraft Gun? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Bakepedia received this product as a gift for review. All opinions are the reviewer’s own.

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