Progressive International Collapsible Dessert Carrier Review


Product Description: A red, white and clear plastic, collapsible dessert carrier that can be used to safely store and transport cakes, pies, deviled eggs and more. It will carry two 9-inch pies or one tall pie, such as lemon meringue. There are also two removable trays; each will hold 12 deviled eggs. The 12½-inch wide unit folds (collapses) down to about 3¾-inches in height (below). When expanded it is 6¼-inches tall (image above). The cover closes with three locks and the entire unit is dishwasher safe.


Test Kitchen Overview: The unit is attractive in a modern, utilitarian sort of way. The locks are easy to use and really snap shut tightly. The domed top expands and collapses easily. We found that the egg trays work quite well, but we were more interested in how we could use this for baked goods. Two 9-inch pies certainly do fit and the pie on the bottom tier can take advantage of the red non-slip rings set into the plastic bottom (seen in image below), which deter movement.


The second pie would rest on the insert, flipped over (so that the egg shaped depressions are out of the way – seen below), but that surface is very slippery. We used a small piece of wet towel between the insert and our pie plate and that helped a bit.


A tall pie – be it lemon meringue or a generously filled double-crusted fruit pie – would fit in the bottom, but then not allow room for the middle insert and would need to store/travel alone. While this unit is not advertised as being for cakes, it works well with them. We found we could put either an 8-inch or 9-inch layer cake on the bottom of the unit, just like the big pies.

Pros: Easy and intuitive to use. We love the fact that it is dishwasher safe and that it has multiple uses. The collapsible design feature is great for storage in tight spaces.

Cons: The dessert carrier would have been perfect if there were non-slip rings on the bottom of the insert as well. We are going to get a piece of non-slip rubber matting, cut out a circle and store it with our unit so that it is always handy.

Suggested Use: We bring sweets to friends’ homes, offices and parties all the time and we can see this carrier getting a workout for pies and cakes. It’s perfect for the holidays when there are many desserts to transport.

Where to Buy: Look for this piece through Amazon. The Progressive International website has a few other carrier options as well, including a rectangular one.

Price at Time of Review: $24.95 through Amazon.

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Bakepedia received this product as a gift for review. All opinions are the reviewer’s own.

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