Party Pleasing Apple Recipe Roundup

Apple Recipes for Your Next Party


Earlier this autumn, my roommates and I went apple picking. Since we’re not always the greatest of planners, we picked approximately 55 pounds of apples between the four of us. For the next few weeks, the apples took over our entire kitchen, and the question became, what on earth do we do with nearly 60 pounds of apples?

The answer came to us in pieces – some we gave away, some went into pies, many of them found a home in a delicious apple crumble, we snacked on some, a few even went into potato latkes, and we used some to create an improvised sangria. In the end, we used all but 11 apples, which reached the end of their useable life before we were able to eat them.

So now, it’s your turn. With the holiday season fast approaching, we’re sure you’ll soon be headed to plenty of family gatherings and holiday parties. And that, of course, means taking enough dessert to feed a large group of people. So check out these tasty, shareable apple desserts and get inspired to do some holiday season baking.


Apple Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Bars via Lemons for Lulu

These dessert bars from our blogger friend Tanya shown above, are perfect for sharing. These are light, apple-y, and delicious! We love that the base is a sugar cookie in bar form.



Sparkling Cider Cinnamon Chip Muffins via Kailley’s Kitchen

You won’t find bits of apple in these tiny muffins – they feature sparkling cider – but they look perfect for a sweet, mini morsel!



Apple Fritter Breakfast Casserole via Wonky Wonderful

My birthday falls right around Thanksgiving, and my mom is always scrambling to find something to serve for breakfast brunch…I know what she’s making this year! This casserole combines flaky croissants, apple butter and fresh apples. Sweet glaze optional.


Serioulsy Delish- Apple Crisp_2

We love Jessica Merchant’s sweet and savory White Cheddar Apple Crisp. Like apple pie with a cheddar crust but so much easier to put together – and she puts the cheese in the filling so it gets melty and gooey! Bake in a pretty casserole dish to take to a party.



Apple Streusel Bread via Running to the Kitchen

If you’re looking for something that’s on the healthier side, this is the perfect recipe for you. The recipe incorporates flax seed, whole wheat pastry flour healthy coconut oil and is gently sweetened. We have to do what we can to try to avoid putting on all those extra holiday pounds, right?



Grandma’s Apple Dessert Recipe (“Platz”) via Food Faith Fitness

How delicious does that crumbly golden crust look? Don’t forget to double the recipe if you’re trying to feed a really big family! Works with fruit other than apples, too.



Chewy Apple Peanut Butter Bars via Sugar Dish Me

More apple bars! The texture of the peanut butter chips and the tartness of the apples make these bars absolutely delicious.



Apple Snack Cake via Lemon Tree Dwelling

I’m so in love with the brown-sugar pecan topping on this cake, but you can of course leave it off if someone in your family has a nut allergy! Blogger Cathy uses a blend of apples for the maximum apple experience.



Apple Blondies With Cinnamon Brown Sugar Frosting via Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts

One of my friends has quoted me as saying, “I’ve never met a blondie I didn’t like,” and these look like no exception. What a delightful soft, sweet, shareable treat! Super easy to make; the batter uses melted butter.



Apple Turnovers via Erren’s Kitchen

To keep things fresh, take these unglazed turnovers to your holiday party and add the glaze when it’s time to serve them. And if you have a trusty puff pastry recipe, don’t be afraid to use that instead of the recommended time-saving store bought.



Caramel Apple Cookies via Amy’s Healthy Baking

In my experience, cookies are always a crowd pleaser. How can you go wrong with some soft, caramel apple cookies to go with after-dinner coffee, tea, or cocoa? These feature fried apples – and follow the tip to slightly under-bake so that they stay chewy.



Salted Caramel Apple Crisp Bars via I Heart Eating

I love the serving directions on this recipe: serve warm. Who’s going to say no to some warm apple crisp with salty caramel sauce drizzled over top? Certainly not me.



Apple Half-Slab Pie via Chocolate Moosey

And, of course, a more traditional apple recipe for those of you dying for apple pie. The half-slab makes this particular pie ideal for sharing!

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