May is National Strawberry Month

Double Strawberry and Rose Shortcakes

Note from Dédé: This is our inaugural Roundup, which will be a new regular feature and sourced by our new intern, Alexa Costi. Look for an upcoming introduction to her and our other new interns here in the blog.

Whether or not you’re still waiting for it to feel like springtime in your neck of the woods, it doesn’t change the fact that May is National Strawberry Month. If you were lucky enough to celebrate yesterday’s Pick Strawberries Day by actually picking strawberries, we’ve compiled a list of tasty strawberry-inspired recipes so you can put those berries to good use. Didn’t get to pick your own strawberries? That’s okay! Grocery stores and farmer’s markets are starting to feature the red, juicy fruit, As it gets closer to summertime (fingers crossed for warmer weather), you’ll be looking for light, fruity desserts to finish off your weekend and holiday cookouts and we have some great options for you to try.

The History of Strawberry Shortcake (via Driscoll’s)

That gorgeous featured image above is of Dorie Greenspan’s Double Strawberry and Rose Shortcakes that she developed for our friends at Driscoll’s as a new take on the classic summer dessert. Check out the link for a history of strawberry shortcake – from biscuits to sponge cake to shortcakes in jars.

Strawberry White Chocolate Coffee Cake Muffins (via Will Cook For Smiles)

The sweetness of the white chocolate pairs beautifully with the sweet/tart strawberries. These muffins could be a great alternative to chocolate-covered strawberries – you’ll get similar flavors without feeling too indulgent; and you can eat chocolate for breakfast. Always a great way to start the day.

Fresh Strawberry Pie (via Brown Eyed Baker)

This recipe really highlights the freshness of the fruit in flavor and color. The red, ripe berries are barely coated with a lightly sweetened and thickened glaze and piled into a baked piecrust for the freshest take on a fruit pie.

Strawberry Hand Pies (via Inspired by Charm)

Looking for a quick breakfast before work? Make a batch of these over the weekend and grab one before you head out. We love the extra crunch of sugar on top of the gorgeous golden crust.

Creamy Strawberry Pie (via Julie’s Eats and Treats)

This icebox pie has strawberries in four different forms: frozen, gelatin, ice cream and fresh! It has a nostalgic quality that says comfort food – and the pink color will make you smile. It is also super easy to put together.

Strawberry Almond Tart (via Sweet Twist of Blogging)

This tart is reminiscent of a Linzer torte, but here it features fresh berries. The crunchy and crumbly almond crust offers a great texture contrast.

Strawberry Sugar Cookies (via Cooking Classy)

Love that pretty pink color! Freeze dried strawberries boost the color and flavor in both the cookie and the frosting, which also gets a jolt from fresh berries as well.

 Image Courtesy of Driscoll’s

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