Happy National Cherry Tart Day -Summer Pies & Tarts Roundup

Happy National Cherry Tart Day!


We think cherry tarts and pies deserve more credit than they’re given. They’re so versatile – from full-size to minis, with a variety of crust options, and the age-old debate when it comes to cherries: sour or sweet? Dédé has a thing about that actually. Many recipes will just call for fresh cherries and don’t specify and believe us when we say that they are light-years apart in flavor! If you come across such a recipe take a look at the sugar. If sour cherries are required there will be quite a bit of it. Hopefully the recipe you are using does distinguish between the two, or maybe your tart and pie longings go beyond cherry?

Personally, I don’t have an overwhelming preference. If there’s a pie, or a tart, or a tartlet, chances are I’m going to eat it. Classic apple? Of course! French Silk? Bring it on. Strawberry rhubarb? Hit me. Peanut butter? Yes, please.

But some people aren’t as easy to please. I know some people who won’t eat any pies that include fruit, and others who won’t reach for anything rich and chocolaty unless it’s a brownie. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a variety of recipes that will make everyone happy for this roundup.

So, I want to know: what’s your preference?


Lattice Top Deep-Dish Sour Cherry Pie – Ken Haedrich, Pie, The Harvard Common Press (seen above)

It is Cherry Tart Day, after all, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t include a recipe that includes cherries. Not quite ready to choose between sour and sweet? Follow Ken’s tips for creating a perfect sour cherry pie – one that’s tart, but not so tart your lips will pucker.


Key Lime Pie, via Gimme Some Oven 

Another classic! I’m such a sucker for key lime pie. If it’s on the dessert menu at a restaurant, I have to eat it. If I see key lime pie flavored ice cream, I have to eat it. So if you bake key lime pie…I have to eat it.


Baileys Chocolate Pie, via Life, Love, and Sugar

Sure, it’s summertime, and sure, it’s the perfect excuse to bake fruit into your tarts and pies. But sometimes, you need something rich and creamy and indulgent. This recipe is a great bet! Serve chilled on a hot summer day for a sweet ending to your cookout.


Mini Citrus Tarts, via A Beautiful Mess 

Mini desserts are almost irresistible – perfectly portioned, no messy cutting, and too cute to pass up! A variety of these mini citrus tarts would be a great addition to a brunch spread.


Apricot Almond Tarts with Lavender, via Twigg Studios 

A perfect recipe for your daily dose of class. I can’t get over how lovely these look. I’m really excited about the crust in this recipe – pistachio and lavender is a divine combo!


Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Tart, via Food Babbles 

We’ve covered sweet…we’ve covered sour…so how about something a little salty? I didn’t forget about you, salty-sweet lovers! Personally, I love using pretzels when I bake; it’s like a snack and a dessert all in one.

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