Ergo Chef Locking Duo Tongs

Ergonomically Designed Silicone and Stainless Steel Tongs

Ergo tongs


Product Description: From the manufacturer: The Pro-Series locking DUO Tongs feature 500 degree silicone and steel heads which make them safe for all types of cooking surfaces and applications. They have a drain slot, and a tong head which is slightly angled for picking up delicate foods easier. The TPR drip and durable spring loaded grip give you full control. The back side features a locking ring which simply slides out to lock the tong shut or slides in and stays put so your kitchen tongs stay open in all positions. These are “The Only Tongs You’ll Ever Need”.




Test Kitchen Overview: This is going to sound geeky but few kitchen tools get me more excited than tongs. I use them all the time. Whether I am cooking savory food or baking, I reach for tongs when I want to flip, rotate, move, remove, drain, transfer, shift…I could go on and on. I had a cheap pair (why are they a pair?) for years and they had just broken. The spring mechanism was shot and yet I still tried to use them. I can’t be without tongs! The world works in funny ways. That same week a package arrived at the Test Kitchen with a few tongs from Ergo Chef. Weeks went by and they contacted me to ask if I was going to review them. Here’s the thing. I usually photograph items before I use them so that they are in pristine condition. I grabbed these out of the box and put them to work right away and loved them from the moment they hit my hands. I knew I wanted to bring them to you – because they rock – but I just couldn’t stop using them long enough to write the review. OK, here goes. These are a perfect tool. I am not kidding. I am not overstating. (We have shown them here working their magic on French toast in a nonstick pan). Tongs have always been high on my list as must-haves and near perfect, but they did lack a few key features. The stainless steel ones I have always preferred could get very hot, the ones with a really good spring action always seemed to correspond with cheaper, flimsy metal construction and they were not ergonomically designed for easy use. Ergo Chef tongs address all of those issues and more. There is the drain slot as seen below – brilliant idea – and we love the fact that one half of the head is silicone and the other is metal with nice grippy ripples. It’s like 2-in-1. You can use either side depending on your needs. They come in various lengths. The longer ones worked great for us on the grill but we found the 9-inch ones the most useful for us in the Bakepedia Test Kitchen.

tong details

Pros: The best tongs we have ever used. Ever.

Cons: None. Only that we didn’t have them in our kitchen sooner.

Suggested Use: For baking/desserts we find we use them to retrieve poaching fruit from boiling water, use them to hold stems of fruit when dipping in caramel or chocolate, flip fruit when roasting, to grab the edges of baking sheets to help rotate them in the oven…and more and more and more uses. Keep them handy and you will be surprised how often you reach for them.

Where to Buy: Direct from Ergo ChefAlso from Amazon.

Price at Time of Review: $12.99 for the 9-inch tong from Ergo Chef.


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Bakepedia received this product as a gift for review. All opinions are the reviewer’s own.



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