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Edible Art for V-Day and BeyondB&K Love Cake

Bohnhoff and Kent, a team of contemporary chocolate artists, is bringing a new level of taste to designer fashion with a line of custom-designed edible handbags. Founders Cory Pohlman and Olivia Bohnhoff launched their company with Lady Gaga as their first client. Their products range from “artistic cubes” (as seen below) to seasonal items like their handbags geared towards Valentine’s Day.


We were sent the “LOVE” bag seen in the top image (priced at $65). We didn’t know what to expect as we awaited its arrival. The handbags were described as hand-painted and hand-crafted and, as the company states, “completely free of fondant”. We were intrigued. They use high quality couverture chocolate and cake and we wanted to see if these tasted as good as they looked. The visuals were certainly stunning.

The handbag arrived, carefully packaged, and nestled within a cellophane bag nestled in festive, sparkly black tissue paper. The bag looks just like the image and measures about 6 x 4 x 2 1/4-inches. It is quite heavy; a lot of chocolate goes into its creation! It stands up on its own very easily. We were surprised at how sturdy it seemed, which led us to wonder what it would be like to eat. You can see some faint strokes of the paint brush on the chocolate, which we like as it speaks to its handcrafted nature. The “LOVE” cake described on their site is comprised of a buttery vanilla bean cake and dark milk chocolate ganache with an exterior of solid, sculpted, dark chocolate. They also make a version with a smooth white chocolate exterior filled with red velvet cake and cream cheese ganache. Cutting these open is a bit of a challenge. We were hoping to show you the interior but it was difficult to get a clean cut and photograph as the chocolate exterior shatters. Of course this led to us nibbling the tasty pieces immediately even before the pieces of cake got onto a plate. Once we cut ours open we saw that ours was the red velvet cake version. We would say this would feed about 6 people. The cake was moist and tender and the frosting was creamy and not too sweet. There is a lot of chocolate involved and people seemed to gravitate to eating the cake and frosting and then nibbling on the chocolate separately.

These beautiful items would be perfect as gifts for Valentine’s Day, special birthdays, bridal showers or other significant days and events. They will most appeal to those that appreciate an artful approach to their confections.

Bohnhoff and Kent was named a 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Awards finalist and you can also find the brand on Facebook.


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