Easter Roundup: Candy Easter Nests, Dirt Cups & Bunny Butts

Easter Baking Has Never Been More Fun


I will admit that Easter has never been one of my favorite holidays. Only in recent years have I begun to find things that I enjoy about the holiday. “Easter Parade,” for example, is one of my favorite classic films. And I’m never going to say no to Easter candy — jellybeans, chocolate bunnies, Cadbury Mini Eggs. And the recipes in this Easter roundup are so sweet, so fun, so delightfully cheerful and spring-y that I couldn’t help but smile as I prepared to share them with you. So if you’re looking for something to add to the kids’ Easter baskets, or just a fun dessert to share with the family, we’ve got you covered.


Easter Breakfast Donuts via Wonky Wonderful


What’s more fun than the look of surprise on the kids’ faces when they discover the goodies in their Easter baskets? The look of surprise on their faces when they find Easter baskets and these adorable spring doughnuts for breakfast!


Lemon Birds’ Nests via Lemon Tree Dwelling


Lemon is such a traditional springtime flavor, which is why I love these darling lemon birds’ nests! What a perfect accompaniment to any Easter dessert tray.


Bunny Butt Cupcakes via Spend with Pennies


I couldn’t resist. There goes Peter Cottontail. These are just too cute! These are featured in the top image, as well.


Healthy(er) Spring Dirt Cups via Happy Food Healthy Life


No one has to know that these are on the healthier side. I loved dirt as a kid, and I never met any other kid my age who didn’t think it was the coolest dessert on the planet. I love the layers in this recipe and the grassy look of the top. Toss in some gummy worms and serve it up!


Easter Egg Cookie Dough Truffles via Wine and Glue


I love a good truffle, especially when chocolate chip cookie dough is involved. The pretty pastel colors of the “egg shells” will make these beautiful homemade additions to any Easter basket.


Easter Carrot Cupcakes with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting via Pineapple and Coconut


I couldn’t put together an Easter roundup without at least one carrot cake recipe. These cupcakes are gorgeous, and I love the variety of ideas for decoration.


Easter Egg Hunt Sugar Cookie Bars via Julie’s Eats and Treats


These cookie bars are reminiscent of the Easter doughnuts above, and they’re just as adorable! They’re a perfect alternative if you don’t have a doughnut pan, or if sugar cookies sound more appealing than doughnuts.


Easter Egg Nest Macaroons via Yummy Healthy Easy


Light, coconut flavors are also perfect for Easter desserts. These macaroons look so perfect with their chocolatey treats on top.


Easy Easter Egg Jelly Doughnuts via Bakeaholic Mama

Easter Doughnuts

Decorating Easter eggs is always a blast, so why not use those same skills to decorate your desserts? Get creative with these little bite-sized morsels!


Easter Egg Nest Cakes via Sweet C’s Designs


I love these mini cakes! They’re so sweet and simple and spring-y. And they seem to provide another opportunity to get creative with decorating. Throw on some jelly beans or add a marshmallow Peep for extra cuteness.


Nutella Cream Eggs via Inside BruCrew Life


I love the look of these soft, fluffy Nutella cream eggs. They look ready to melt in your mouth, and how adorable are they with those colorful sprinkles?



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