Dump Cakes for Near Instant Gratification

Dump Cakes in a Jiffy


I will admit that I have a tendency to get lazy about baking when weather starts to get warmer. It’s a shame, too, because that’s when produce is at its best and baking with fruit is the most fun. But something about the combination of the heat and all the work that goes into baking, plus having the oven on for long periods of time makes me want to avoid baking.

Last year searches for “dump cake” increased over 600% on Google. I had to find out what everyone was so interested in! Turns out it has to do with ease (many use boxed cake mix) – and they are fun. These are the kind of recipes that are so easy it makes me feel like I have no right to complain. What could be simpler than dumping a bunch of no-fuss ingredients together in one dish and letting it bake while you sit in the shade and sip a cool glass of lemonade? Let’s get dumping.

Perfect Peach Cobbler Dump Cake via The Slow Roasted Italian

I love this recipe (shown above) because it doesn’t use boxed cake mix! Got fresh peaches on hand? Give them a try in this recipe.



Pina Colada Dump Cake via Snappy Gourmet

This pina colada dump cake would be a perfect way to cap off any cookout on a hot day. Top it off with some ice cream, or whipped cream and a cherry (or both)!


Banana Spice Dump Cake 4

Banana Spice Dump Cake via The Kitchen is My Playground

I love how crumbly and delicious this banana spice dump cake looks. This recipe is a great twist on banana bread, if you’re tired of that old standby.



Mini Pear Dump Cakes via Totally the Bomb

I love these single-serve pear dump cakes; they’re so cute! They’d be a perfect for dessert (or even brunch!) with a small group of friends.



Strawberry Dump Cake via Yummy Healthy Easy

This recipe is so simple, you don’t even have to stir. And it’s ready in a flash, so if you don’t want to go to a last-minute cookout empty-handed, this is the perfect dish to take along.


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