Cupcake Envy

Turn Simple Cakes into Edible Works of Art

p65 xylophone toy

Amy Eilert has written a book called Cupcake Envy, which will appeal to those who like to get crafty in the kitchen with their baked goods. In fact, as you take a look at these images it is hard to tell where the cupcakes are! She actually uses a variety if small cakes as bases for these pieces of edible art ranging from half-sphere molds to loaf pans to simple 9 x 13-inch pans of cake that are carved to your desired shape. No matter, the point is that with time, patience and some food coloring, you too can create these wild desserts.

p47 sushi bar

She shows us, step-by-step, how to turn simple cake into spectacular creations. These are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and other significant events where a themed centerpiece might be welcomed.

There are 8 chapters, beginning with encouraging you to think outside the box, information on basic tools and all of the professional tips & tricks that Amy has compiled. Then it is onto the chapters that range from Fun, Flirty & Fabulous, which contains a chic handbag, dresses and fashion related items including a makeup kit complete with eyeshadow. Another chapter titled Macho Macho Man features boy and adult male oriented edibles such as a golf set, other sports paraphernalia and a cigar box. Another chapter is filled with baby related items such as the xylophone above or a baby bottle among others. The “food” chapter has the sushi as shown as well as a paper bag of groceries and a bright red apple for teacher. The flower pot below is perfect for Mother’s Day.

p92 how does your garden grow

There is a recipe for a Versatile Vanilla Cake as well as Royal Icing and Vanilla Frosting but Amy provides information on using cake mixes as well.

Let these images be an inspiration for you to check out the book; you will find all sorts of colorful cakes to make that will keep you busy for hours of fun and creativity.

Images provided by publisher with permission. Cupcake Envy: Irresistible Cakelets – Little Cakes that are Fun and Easy by Amy Eilert, Tuttle Publishing, 2015.

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