Chronicle Books Pretty Cake Stands Review

Portable Cardboard Cake Stands

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Photo taken at Henion Bakery, Amherst, MA

Pretty Cake Stands

Product Description: We have done many book reviews on Bakepedia and always keep track of what Chronicle Books has to offer. I was surprised but excited when I saw that they had come out with a kit that contains 2 compostable cake stands made from very sturdy, colored cardboard. The kit comes in a shallow envelope about 11-inches square and 1/2-inch thick. Inside are pre-cut cardboard pieces (that you pop out of a larger piece) that end up giving you a black base, a yellow base, and two reversible, round flat tops with scalloped edges (upon which your baked goods would sit). One round is a black background with white dots reversing to a yellow background with white stripes and the second one is darker pink with lighter pink stripes reversing to chocolate brown with both light and dark pink dots.

Test Kitchen Overview: The kit is easy to use and while there are step-by-step illustrations on the back of the package, we found it easy enough to figure out on our own. The pieces of cardboard are cut cleanly, making is easy to release the different shapes and then assemble. The different colors all mix and match with one another, giving you several choices. You have to make sure that all parts are interlocked correctly and firmly in order for it to be as stable as possible. We found that 9-inch cakes are the maximum size you should use with these.

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Pros: Very easy to use and fun. Perfect for bringing to a potluck or party where you might want to display a dessert but not bring a breakable pedestal. Great for cakes, 9-inches in diameter or smaller, or other baked goods such as cupcakes, tarts, brownies and bars. With care these can be used several times; just wipe clean.

Cons: At first we thought we had it assembled properly but a few of the slots were not quite joined together correctly. This made the pedestal wobbly. Look carefully and do it right before placing a cake on top.

Suggested Use: Bring to a party and make your dessert stand out. Make sure to fit all the pieces together properly and display on a flat surface. Love it for layer cakes in particular.

Where to Buy: Amazon

Price at Time of Review: $19.95 Suggested retail is but it can be found discounted.

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Bakepedia received this product as a gift for review. All opinions are the reviewer’s own.

 Images: Dédé Wilson


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