Eat Your Way Through Chelsea Market From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Chelsea Market

Fifteen years ago, Chelsea Market was brand new. Having taken over an entire city block very close to the Hudson River, the idea was to build a single location featuring several food vendors. Since then it has become so much more, housing Food Network studios and over 35 companies and serving everything from fine breads, Italian food, Cambodian food, artisanal cheeses, sushi, wine, restaurant supplies, candies, raw foods, ice cream and more. As Michael Phillips, author of The Chelsea Market Cookbook, writes in his introduction, “Chelsea Market is a neighborhood market with a global perspective.”

The new book is packed with recipes and images that offer you a true feel for the market, including some evocative historical photos that really give one a sense of place. With over 6 million international visitors annually, it is surprising that it’s taken this long to bring the goods together into a cookbook, but lucky for us, Phillips, along with co-author Rick Rodgers, have assembled the best recipes for us home cooks and bakers.

Chelsea Market Cookbook

Amy’s Breads is known for many things – their Semolina with Golden Raisins has legions of fans – but having a sweet tooth, we decided to bring you their gooey, crunchy Pecan Sticky Buns. In the book, you can find appetizers, entrées, salads, soups, stews and spirited beverages, but let us concentrate on what’s important :)

You can now make the Salted Caramel-Nut Tart from The Nut Box at home, with its hefty amount of mixed nuts from Brazil nuts to cashews, almonds and pistachios – we like this one with every nut thrown in. Don’t forget the hazelnuts and make sure the nuts are fresh!

Lamingtons are featured from The Tuck Shop; these are tiny squares of yellow cake filled with raspberry jam and covered in a chocolate icing and a shaggy coat of coconut. Eleni’s is known for their cookies and the book offers their Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies recipe. The Fat Witch is famous for brownies and their recipe is for Turtle Witch Brownies filled with pecans, coconut and dark 60% chocolate.

If you are a fan of creamy, smooth desserts, look no further than Sarabeth’s Triple Chocolate Pudding (that’s with cocoa, unsweetened chocolate and 62% chocolate) or Ronnybrook Farm Dairy’s Blueberry Ice Cream. Okay, you need to wait till next year for that one to be at its best – the fresh berries will give you the incomparable taste and the crazy gorgeous lavender color.

Chelsea Market

After all those sweets, check out the Yom Ka Gai (chicken, mushroom and coconut milk) soup from Chelsea Thai as a restorative – then get back in the kitchen and keep baking!

Chelsea Market Cookbookis available now in stores, online, at their Chelsea Market Kiosk and at participating vendors within the market.

Images: Jennifer May

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