Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup Review

Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup Review



Product Description: “Sugar Chalet combines craft, tradition and time-tested recipes to produce a unique maple syrup flavor…We take one hundred years of experience producing maple syrup at Bissell Maple Farm, and tap the creativity of our talented team that proudly ages this perfect blend of barrel-aged maple syrup.

We use our American Oak bourbon barrels one time for every batch of this specialty maple syrup. Flavors from the toasted oak barrel are drawn into the bourbon over several months. That character remains inside barrel walls, absorbed into the charred oak. Our maple syrup, produced in those barrels, is aged for months until the flavor is just right.”


Ingredient List: Pure Grade A Dark Robust Maple syrup aged in a single use bourbon barrel.


Test Kitchen Overview: Okay folks. This maple syrup knocked my socks off. And I am a New Englander! I know maple syrup! One precious bottle was sent to us by Bissell Maple Farm in Rock Creek, OH. First of all the quality of the syrup itself is evident while still in the bottle. An exquisite rich, dark color (but not too dark) and crystal clear. The bottle is elegant and the visual design and heft are befitting of the liquid amber inside. Pours like regular maple syrup but then, after first taste, oh man, there is no going back. You need another taste. Immediately. There is a perfect balance of maple and bourbon with an oak backbone. None outshines the other, yet they enhance one another beautifully. The bourbon was more pronounced than I expected. I anticipated a whisper. I assumed I was going to have to search my palate for the flavor. Not so. It’s right there. So much so that I quickly read the label again to make sure the contents were not alcoholic – they are not – as I was serving it to family for breakfast. It was love at first taste. We had it on challah French toast, but I admit my first taste was my finger dipped into the bottleneck. I couldn’t wait.


maple syrup with FrenchToast

Pros: Many. Right away I was daydreaming about pouring this on oatmeal and pumpkin pancakes and baking with it incorporating it into pecan pies and maple walnut ice cream and crème brulée and a chocolate/bourbon/maple pudding. Got my creative juices flowing for sure.


French Toast

Cons: It is not cheap. But then again no pure maple syrup is and yet I wouldn’t dream of using anything but the real deal.

Suggested Use: I would drink with a straw, except that would be unseemly. In all seriousness, if you are a maple syrup lover I urge you to order this product and use anywhere you would use pure maple syrup

Where to Buy: Direct from Bissell Maple Farm

Price at Time of Review: $30.00 for 11.7-ounce bottle but price goes down to $25 each for 4 or more. Order these for holiday or host/hostess gifts now while it is still available.


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Bakepedia received this product as a gift for review. All opinions are the reviewer’s own.

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