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7 Fabulous Stone Fruit Dessert Recipes


Peaches, Plums and Pluots! Oh My! Plums were the very first fruit I took to as a child. I loved their luscious purple color and their juicy sweetness. However, it took me a very long time to warm up to peaches (maybe it was the fuzz), and pluots and apriums…well, I had heard of them. I…..

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Bakepedia’s Top 10 Chilly Chocolate Beverages


Chill Out with Frosty Chocolate Beverages The Test Kitchen will often have 50 to 100 pounds of chocolate around at any given time. Unsweetened, bittersweet, semisweet, milk, white and occasionally some gianduja. Most is bulk, some are chips and our scale gets a work out. Most of the chocolate gets melted or chunked and incorporated into cookies,…..

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7 Ice Cream Cakes to Make Now

Devil Dog Cake_2

Making Ice Cream Cakes at Home Has Never Been Easier – or More Creative I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Cake, that is. Ice cream cakes are a special treat, but store-bought ones can be so expensive. And, let’s be honest, nothing from a store is ever as good as homemade……

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Celebrate Summer: Shortcake Roundup!

raspberry rose shortcake 2

Summer is the Time for Shortcakes – But Don’t Limit Them to Strawberry! As we approach the Fourth of July, it’s time to honor one of summer’s most popular desserts: shortcake! All that rich pastry, light, whipped cream, and sweet, fresh summer fruit make shortcake a favorite among many. Of course, we default to thinking about…..

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What’s Hot! What’s New! Report from the Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC


Dédé Eats Her Way Through the Summer Fancy Food Show The Summer Fancy Food Show is the premier specialty food trade show in the country. Every year about 2,400 vendors from 80 countries present over 180,000 products and they converge with thousands of attendees at the Jacob Javitts Center in NYC and basically eat and…..

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Happy National Cherry Tart Day -Summer Pies & Tarts Roundup


Happy National Cherry Tart Day! We think cherry tarts and pies deserve more credit than they’re given. They’re so versatile – from full-size to minis, with a variety of crust options, and the age-old debate when it comes to cherries: sour or sweet? Dédé has a thing about that actually. Many recipes will just call…..

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National Doughnut Day Roundup

Lemon meringue doughnuts

We’re going to let you in on a little secret: Friday June 6th is National Doughnut Day. It seems like Doughnut Day can go unnoticed until it rolls around. By the time you’re ready to help yourself to a free doughnut at your local Dunkin’ Donuts to celebrate, they’ve sold out, or the line is…..

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May is National Strawberry Month

Double Strawberry and Rose Shortcakes

Note from Dédé: This is our inaugural Roundup, which will be a new regular feature and sourced by our new intern, Alexa Costi. Look for an upcoming introduction to her and our other new interns here in the blog. Whether or not you’re still waiting for it to feel like springtime in your neck of…..

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Best Baking Tools for Under $10

Oxo Mini Measuring Set

My KitchenAid mixer is probably my favorite piece of equipment, but there are plenty of smaller and much less expensive baking tools that help us in the Test Kitchen, so we thought a roundup of our favorites was in order. We gave ourselves a limit of $10 so that these would be accessible to everyone……

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Top 10 Bakepedia Recipes of 2013

Top 10 Recipes of 2013

There are mere hours left until we ring in a brand new year, and we look forward to seeing what 2014 brings to the Bakepedia community, but there’s still time to reflect on the last few months! We launched in mid-August and have since enjoyed a great following with some very loyal fans who keep…..

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Best Baking Books of 2013


There are few things I enjoy more than poring over new cookbooks, peeking into the minds of fellow dessert lovers and creators and seeing what they come up with. I am thrilled to bring you this collection of unusual, smart, gorgeous and inspirational books. This was a good year for innovative takes on the sweet…..

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Thanksgiving Desserts Q&A Recap


As always, we’re here to answer all your baking questions to ensure your success in the kitchen, and this week we held a special Q&A session with Dédé on Facebook surrounding all your favorite holiday desserts. With Thanksgiving in less than a week, we know you probably want some pointers before heading into a hectic day…..

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Pumpkin Desserts Roundup


If there’s one day a year that pumpkin desserts take center stage, it’s Thanksgiving. You know that image of the holiday cornucopia? If it were up to us, it would be stuffed with them. We’ve done our best to prepare you over the last couple months with a range of treats that include pumpkin, and…..

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Bakepedia Recipes on

Pastry Wrapped Apple for DailyMeal

Did you know Bakepedia is on The Daily Meal? As a Special Contributor, Dédé specializes in holiday and seasonal desserts, and this month we shared with them a recipe for Pastry-Wrapped Baked Apples, shot by our photo intern, Peter Muka. This month’s recipe is a breeze to make with frozen puff pastry. Pepperidge Farm has a…..

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Pear Recipe Roundup: Butter, Jam and Preserves

Joy of Jams Slider

Pears are everywhere – the supermarket, farmer’s markets, roadside stands – and if we are really lucky – our yard or the yard of a good friend. Eating a ripe pear out of your hand is a thing of joy, but they are also perfect for preserving. They will last all winter long on the…..

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