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Valerie Gordon Doesn’t Want to Intimidate You

author photo.Valerie Gordon

Back in March of 2011, Bon Appétit magazine published this quote by Nora Ephron: “The Coffee Crunch Cake at Valerie Confections is three layers of chiffon cake, coffee whipped cream and coffee crunch. It’s the greatest cake in history.” I remember reading this and thinking, I have to somehow get that cake into my mouth, but…..

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The Story Behind Dan Cohen’s Coconut Macaroons


We know the fancy Parisian-style macarons are all the rage right now, but there’s still a special place in our hearts for the classic coconut-based macaroon. Sound like heaven to you? Then The Macaroon Bible by Dan Cohen will be right up your coconut-strewn alley. He is also the owner of Danny Macaroons, which you…..

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Nancy Baggett on Natural Food Coloring, Peach Cobbler and Simply Sensational Cookies

Nancy Baggett

With over 2,000 cookbooks in my library (can you say hoarder?) it should be no surprise that I first “met” many of my friends and colleagues through their published works. Way before I ever met author Nancy Baggett in professional circles, I was getting to know her through some of her earlier books, the International…..

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Chambre de Sucre’s Journey from Japan to the US


I was attending a culinary industry event a few years ago when I came across a vendor table festooned with the most beautiful tiny sugars. Cubes, pyramids, globes, loose crystals, petite flowers and tiny animals; I had never seen anything like them and never forgot these little sweets. They were from Chambre de Sucre, an amazing…..

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Liddabit Sweets New Cookbook Inspires Candy Makers

Liz Gutman & Jen King standing

Liz Gutman (right) and Jen King (left) met at the French Culinary Institute (FCI) in 2007 and immediately found a shared loved of sweets, which they brought to market in 2009 at the Brooklyn Flea Market. Early publicity brought enough attention to convince them to make a full-fledged business of candy making. Their book, Liddabit…..

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Carole Bloom Takes ‘Caramel’ in Delectable New Directions

carole bloom print high

Carole Bloom and I first met through the IACP (International Professional Association of Culinary Professionals) and in a sea of cooks and food people we found ourselves kindred spirits in our pursuit of the best desserts and pastries. I have followed Carole’s career for about 15 years and the thing that has always signified her…..

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‘Become like a chef hunting for the best.’ – The Francois Payard Interview

Francois Payard

Renowned French pastry chef Francois Payard could not be more accessible and down to earth in the way he speaks about his high regard of raw ingredients, and how even desserts as simple as a dried fruit compote belong on the menu at restaurant Daniel and on your table. His newest book, Payard Desserts (Houghton…..

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Alice Medrich’s New Take on Bittersweet

Alice Medrich. Credit Deborah Jones

Alice Medrich first came on our radar in the early 1980s in the inaugural issue of Chocolatier magazine. There was a cake with a chocolate band and chocolate ruffles, and it opened our eyes to the elegance and possibilities of baking with chocolate. We now count Alice as a friend and mentor. Bakepedia: Alice, welcome……

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The Allison Robicelli Interview


When a copy of Robicelli’s: A Love Story ,With Cupcakes: With 50 Decidedly Grown-Up Recipes, written by husband and wife Matt and Allison Robicelli, showed up on our desk, it was immediately clear that this was a love story about their feelings for one another as well as for their chosen art form – the…..

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The Sarah Tenaglia Interview


When I first started writing for Bon Appetit magazine in 1999, Sarah Tenaglia was already in their test kitchen putting recipes through their paces. Having been with the magazine for years, I thought our community might be interested in knowing how a recipe gets developed and tested and there was no one better to explain…..

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The Jenny McCoy Interview

JennyMcCoy_p009 top_2

Jenny McCoy’s Dessert for Every Season (Rizzoli, 2013) couldn’t be more aptly named. Jenny has been baking and creating recipes inspired by what is ripe and available for as long as she can remember. She almost stumbled upon her career by chance. Right after high school, not quite feeling ready for traditional college, she enrolled…..

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The Mollie Katzen Interview


Photo by Lisa Keating If you have had any serious or fleeting experiences with vegetarian cuisine, then you know Mollie Katzen. She made a splash on the cookbook and vegetarian scene with The Moosewood Cookbook, which will be celebrating its 40th anniversary next year. In fact, she has over six million cookbooks in print and has…..

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The Shirley Fan Interview


Cookbook topics are born in so many ways. For Shirley Fan,  author of The Flying Brownie, it was musing about what to send her nephew for his birthday that got her thinking about care packages. The book is dedicated to recipes that taste as great the moment they come out of the oven as they…..

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The Rick Rodgers Interview

Rick Rodgers

Rick Rodgers has written many books under his own name – Kaffeehaus: Exquisite Desserts from the Classic Cafés of Vienna, Budapest, and Prague is a favorite of ours – but he is perhaps best known in the industry for co-writing books with everyone from reality stars to restaurant chefs and everyone else in between. As Rick…..

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The Kathy Strahs Interview + Giveaway


Today we present our interview with blogger Kathy Strahs of Panini Happy. Her first book, The Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook (Harvard Common Press, 2013)  just arrived on the shelves (and we’re giving one away, contest details at the end of the post!), so we sat down with her to talk about how it feels to…..

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The Emily Luchetti Interview


We are thrilled to have Emily Luchetti for our very first Bakepedia interview. This is the first of many. We will be bringing you the bakers that matter – the ones who have been on the scene for a while as well as brand new rising stars. Each subject will get the Bakepedia Questionnaire, á…..

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