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The Yigit Pura Interview

Yigit Pura by Frankie Frankeny_Back Cover

Yigit Wants to Bring Flavor and Color Into Your Life Yigit Pura (pronounced Yeet – rhymes with sweet) won the first edition of reality TVs Top Chef: Just Desserts. The judges and the fans appreciated his drive and sense of consistent style and those personality traits come through in his new book, Sweet Alchemy, as well……

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The RHWNJ Kathy Wakile Interview


Chatting Desserts with Kathy Wakile from RHWNJ Dédé Wilson: Kathy! I am so excited to be connecting with you. I first saw you on Real Housewives of New Jersey and when the scenes would come on with you setting out desserts, I thought, my kind of gal! Amongst all of the hubbub there was an…..

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The Rose Levy Beranbaum Interview: Part 1

rose author

A Peek into the World of Rose Levy Beranbaum Rose Levy Beranbaum’s newest book, The Baking Bible, has been in production for quite some time (publication date is October 28, 2014). In fact, I started interviewing Rose in relation to the book – and in general – way back in September 2013 to see what was…..

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The Sally McKenney Interview


The Sally Behind Sally’s Baking Addiction Sally McKenney is the blogger behind Sally’s Baking Addiction – the blog and the book. Her readers love her accessible recipes that feature bold flavors and easy preparation, such as her Cookies n Cream Cheesecake, Vanilla Crepes with Nutella and Fudge Ripple Monster Bars. We chatted about the joys of…..

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The Amy Traverso Interview

amy traverso

How Do You Like Them Apples? The food world is vast and every now and then you re-connect with someone you’ve lost touch with. Such was the case recently when I spoke with Amy Traverso, the Senior Lifestyle Editor at Yankee Magazine. We have known one another for years and when we phone chatted it…..

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The Francine Bryson Interview

Francine Bryson

Francine Bryson Knows Pit Bulls and Peanut Butter Balls   Francine Bryson burst into my consciousness when I turned on the CBS show The American Baking Competition. This blonde powerhouse had energy and I was smitten. She appeared to be kind, smart, funny and she definitely knew how to bake! She finished, as runner-up but…..

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The Jessica Merchant Interview

Jessica Merchant by David Burke_2

Jessica Merchant of What Sweet Eats Chats with Bakepedia Jessica Merchant is beloved by her readers who flock to her blog, What Sweet Eats, which, in her words, is “for people who, like, totally love food”. It is filled with her irreverent but uber-friendly tone, inviting you to share in her food adventures. Not culinary…..

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The Matt Sartwell Interview

Matt Sartwell

Kitchen Arts & Letters Matt Sartwell We love cookbooks. Yes, even in this age of the digitally available recipe we firmly believe in the art and craft of the actual cookbook. There is nothing like holding a book in your hands, feeling the weight, the texture of the cover, and the thickness of the paper…..

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The Karen Krasne Interview


Karen Krasne’s Extraordinary Desserts Karen Krasne came to my attention when I first visited San Diego in 2002. My local pastry chef pal Carole Bloom emphatically insisted that I visit Karen’s Extraordinary Desserts bakery. Am I glad I listened! I walked into the bakery and had an amazing and somewhat odd experience. Amazing because everything…..

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Interview with Peter and Gia of The Soda Fountain Book

Freeman_Peter and Giasullo_Gia_2

Learn from the Soda Fountain Pros Gia Giasullo & Peter Freeman Gia Giasullo and Peter Freeman are the sister/brother duo who not only restored an authentic 1920s pharmacy, the Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain, but they literally wrote the book. The Soda Fountain: Floats, Sundaes, Egg Creams & More–Stories and Flavors of an American Original covers not only…..

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Vegan Chocolate: An Interview with Fran Costigan

Fran Costigan

Delicious Vegan Chocolate Desserts from Fran Costigan Fran Costigan’s new book Vegan Chocolate: Unapologetically Luscious and Decadent Dairy-Free Dessertsis filled with enticing vegan chocolate ideas, from her very popular Bittersweet Ganache Glazed Chocolate Cake to Live For to her vegan versions of Brooklyn Blackout Cake, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups and a decadent Chocolate Espresso Gelato. I…..

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Amber Rose On How to Nourish Through Baking


I was sent Amber Rose’s book, Love, Bake, Nourish: Healthier Cakes and Desserts Full of Fruit and Flavorfor review and the minute I flipped through the pages, I knew this woman had an original voice and approach to baking. The recipes are healthful, yet they remain firmly planted within the arena of classic baking. The design…..

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Baking The Best Biscuits with Shirley Corriher

shirley corriher_2

Author Image: Parker Smith Photography Every year at an annual food convention I would make sure to go to the class, “The Doctor is In.” The panel was made up of Harold McGee (of On Food and Cooking fame) and Shirley Corriher, a biochemist who has applied her knowledge to the world of food. The attendees would…..

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Brooks Coulson Nguyen Shares Tips on Making Petits Fours


Years ago, I came across the most beautiful petits fours image in a Martha Stewart magazine. I made a point of checking to see who made them and it referenced Dragonfly Cakes. The name stuck, so when I came across The Petit Four Cookbook by Brooks Coulson Nguyen and noticed that Dragonfly Cakes was her business,…..

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Baking Light With Lorraine Pascale


Lorraine Pascale might not be a household name here in the U.S., but she is a bestselling cookbook author across the pond. Jamie Oliver calls her “the undisputed queen of the kitchen.” She came to the public’s attention with her BBC2 television series, Baking Made Easy, and went on to write books that included savory…..

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David Lebovitz in His Paris Kitchen


I met David Lebovitz at an International Association of Culinary Professionals conference 15 years ago, where we bonded over a huge display of smoked salmon while bemoaning the lack of bagels (it was breakfast time, after all). Funny how certain food experiences forge friendships. David and I were both in the early phases of our…..

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Edd Kimber On Why Family is His Favorite Ingredient

Edd Kimber high res_2

Statistics tell us that as many men as women bake (in the U.S., anyway) but that the men who do bake are more likely to do so more often. When men bake, they get into it! Edd Kimber is a self-taught English baker who won a national baking contest after leaving the academic life of…..

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Carolyn Wyman on the History of Chocolate Chip Cookies


Carolyn Wyman first came on my radar years ago when I picked up her books Spam: A Biography and Jell-O: A Biography. I thought, this is a woman I would love to hang out with! She describes herself as a journalist and researcher and has carved out a niche applying her skills to some of…..

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Macarons 101 With Cecile Cannone


The fascination with Parisian-style macarons just won’t quit. They have a beautiful aesthetic appeal but also have a reputation for being difficult to make. Years ago, I was chatting with Dorie Greenspan after she had been working with Pierre Hermé on his chocolate book and she said that the chocolate macaron recipe was the fussiest…..

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Jan Miller Helps ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ Inspire and Challenge Bakers


Better Homes and Gardens has long been known for its food content as well as its home décor, gardening and family-interest stories. In fact, they also publish several single-topic magazines throughout the year, such as Cook’s Secrets, Fall Baking, Christmas Cookies and others. It’s no wonder they’re thought of as a creative recipe resource. I spoke with…..

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