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Louisa Conrad Talks Goat Milk Caramel and Her Herd of Divas

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I had seen boxes of Big Picture Farm caramels in our local Whole Foods store, but it wasn’t until I met the owners at a trade show that my interest was really piqued, and it was all because of the goats. Their display was as much about the goat mi...Continue Reading •••

The Minimalist Baker: Exclusive Interview with Dana Schultz

Dana Shultz Headshot 1

Exclusive Interview with Dana Schultz     The blog is one that I frequent often, to look at the amazing pictures, read Dana Schultz’s musings and to visit and re-visit their Photography School. I was very excited to see that she had written a book, Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking. There is something about being able…..

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The April Peveteaux Interview: Is Gluten Your Bitch?

April Peveteaux_credit Aaron Goldman

April Peveteaux Demystifies Gluten   April Peveteaux, the blogger behind Gluten is My Bitch has a new book, The Gluten-Free Cheat Sheet. In it she takes our hand and guides us into the world of GF living in a way that makes it all seem not only possible, but tasty as well. April took some time…..

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The Ronni Lundy Interview: All About Sweet Sorghum Syrup

ronni lundy

Ronni Lundy Sets Us Straight on Sorghum   Ronni Lundy has written a book called Sorghum’s Savor, which brings us the history of this classic southern US sweetener, along with recipes both savory and dessert focused. There has been much media recently on alternative sweeteners and there is a lot of confusion about what sorghum syrup…..

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Kyotofu – an Interview with Author and Tofu Expert Nicole Bermensolo


Interview with Nicole Bermensolo   Dédé Wilson: Nicole, thank you for taking the time to chat with us. Tofu is always in my fridge and these days it is a fairly common ingredient for many. So for those who might have it around, but have only used it for a savory dish, where do you…..

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The Alexander Weiss Interview: Our Favorite Junior MasterChef

alexander slider

The Alexander Weiss Interview   If you missed watching MasterChef Junior, then you missed out. These kids know their way around the kitchen. Alexander Weiss was victorious and is now developing recipes for House Foods, among other activities – like starting high school! He wants to open a restaurant someday – and we will cover it when he…..

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The Cheryl and Griffith Day Interview


The Cheryl and Griffith Day Interview   Cheryl and Griffith Day bring their zest for life and baked goods to their newest book, Back in the Day Bakery Made with Love. This is a couple who live life together to the fullest, and a large portion of it just happens to be in the kitchen and…..

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The Shauna Sever Interview: Her New Book is Real Sweet

Author Photo_Shauna Sever

Interview with Real Sweet’s Author Shauna Sever   Shauna Sever’s new book, Real Sweet, explores the world of alternative sugars, such as coconut sugar, muscovado, agave and more. We love her approach and have had great success with the recipes in the Test Kitchen. If you are looking to use less white sugar, or are just…..

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The Roger Saul Interview: All About Spelt

Spelt cover slider

The Roger Saul Interview: All About Spelt   Roger has come out with a book devoted completely to spelt. There is much to learn and we are thrilled to have it on our reference shelf – and in the kitchen with us. Here we chat with him about this amazing grain.   Dédé Wilson: Roger,…..

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Pauley Perrette Debuts Donna Bell’s Bake Shop Cookbook


A Chat with Pauley Perrette of NCIS Pauley Perrette is a southern girl at heart. If you are used to seeing her in her role of Abby Sciuto in NCIS or have caught her in a Metallica video you might not know that she has opened a bakery in Manhattan as a tribute to her…..

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The Gesine Bullock-Prado Interview


  Dédé Wilson: Gesine, every time I pick up your new book, Let Them Eat Cake, I find something knew to read. The book is packed with information! How did you come up with the idea of creating a base recipe and then a vegan, gluten free and healthier version for each one? I had…..

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The Karen Tack and Alan Richardson Interview


Karen Tack and Alan Richardson on Their Book, Cake My Day If you like to decorate cakes and cupcakes then Karen Tack and Alan Richardson’s book Hello, Cupcake! is probably on your shelves. They have turned their sites on cakes with the same creativity and inventiveness and the results are fun, approachable and make you want to…..

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Sarah Tenaglia on Punches, Pitcher Drinks and Madeleines


Sarah Tenaglia has an exquisite palate whether she is cooking or baking. Now she has set her expertise to beverages, both alcoholic and non in a lovely little book that is packed with full-color pictures, classic drinks and plenty of new ideas. Check out her Fifty-Fifty Punch (it’s like a Creamsicle in liquid form) and…..

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The Charmian Christie Interview

Charmian Head Shot

Charmian Christie Gets Messy There is a new book on the shelves called The Messy Baker. Right away, I was excited – because sometimes baking is a messy affair and it is not only nothing to shy away from, it is something in which to indulge! Think about when you dust your counter with flour and…..

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The Karen Page Interview


Karen Page and The Vegetarian Flavor Bible After all these years of reading and feeling like I “knew” Karen Page, I hadn’t actually met her. When her first groundbreaking book, Becoming a Chef, came on the scene in 1995 I was energized and transfixed. She and her husband and collaborator Andrew Dornenburg brought to life what…..

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The Ron Ben-Israel Interview


Ron Ben-Israel Comes to Bakepedia The first time I heard of Ron Ben Israel was from a stunning image in a Martha Stewart magazine many years ago. It was a wedding cake covered in sugar paste lace and it had the same quality as the genuine article…fabric-like. Elegant. Old-world. Feminine and just flat out gorgeous……

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The Gale Gand Interview

GaleGand author photo_Stephen Hamilton tif

Gale Gand Gives Good Pastry Gale Gand is a fellow dessert maven who has done so much for our sphere of interest it boggles the mind. My introduction to Gale was through her multi-year turn as host of the Food Network series “Sweet Dreams,” the first nationally televised all-dessert show. And then as the founding…..

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The Mindy Segal Interview


What Real Cookies Look Like with Mindy Segal Jill Browning, publicist extraordinaire, gave me a heads up a few months ago about an upcoming book called Cookie Love. Great, I thought, another cookie book. I try not to be cynical, but it isn’t easy to create new points of view when it comes to something as…..

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The Kristine Kidd Interview

Kristine Kidd

A Chat with Kristine Kidd About Gluten-Free Baking Kristine Kidd and I have been friends for years. One day in 1999 the phone rang and this lovely voice said, “Hi, I’m Kristine Kidd. I don’t know if you know who I am but I am the Food Editor at Bon Appetit magazine. I spent the…..

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Interview with Chicago Food Stylist Jesse Szewczyk

Bakepedia Photo, Portrait

Learn Tricks of the Trade from a Food Stylist In our effort at Bakepedia to bring you varied points of view to baking we decided to chat with a fairly new culinary school graduate who is focusing on food styling, branding and recipe development. Jesse Szewczyk took some time out of his busy schedule in…..

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