tulip baking cups

tulip baking cups (too-lip, tyoobeyk-ing kuhps) noun

tulip baking cups empty

Also tulip paper wrappers. Decorative paper wrappers for baked goods. Tulip baking cups are an attractive, alternative to the more traditional fluted paper wrappers for your muffins and cupcakes and are used the same way – you place them in your muffin/cupcake tins prior to pouring in the batter; they are not meant to be used freestanding. They are extra deep compared to fluted baking cups and tend to come in solid colors. Fluted wrappers are about 1¼-inches in depth, while tulip baking cups are about 2½-inches measured for area within which you place your batter (which should be about three-quarters full). The tulips, with their uneven top, reach to 4-inches, but that isn’t usable space).

Tulip wrappers were first seen and became popular in bakeries and other commercial applications, but are now readily available to the home baker, although mostly online such as from King Arthur Flour.


Bakepedia Tips

  • We love tulip cups for the aesthetic they bring. Note that they allow you to fill each paper with more batter than a more traditional fluted paper wrapper, so you might end up with a lower yield of muffins or cupcakes and your baking times might be a few minutes longer. You can see them in use in our Gingerbread Muffins.

Image: Dédé Wilson

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