simple syrup

simple syrup [sim-puhl sir-uhp, sur-] noun

A sweetener made with a 1:1 ratio of sugar and water, boiled together just until the sugar dissolves. Other ratios may be used depending on how “heavy” or sweet you want the simple syrup to be. It is then cooled and can be stored in the fridge practically indefinitely. This mixture is used in many applications in the kitchen and bar – to moisten cake layers, such as génoise (when it is also often flavored with liqueurs, juices or extracts), to poach fruit, to thin out fondants and as a basis for sorbets other frozen desserts. Bartenders use it to sweeten drinks, as the liquid instantly dissolves in cold beverages.


Bakepedia Tips

We keep simple syrup on hand in the test kitchen, not only to use with our baked goods, but also because we think it is simply the best iced tea and iced coffee sweetener ever invented. Whip up a batch and store in a squeeze bottle.


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