nougat [noo-guht] noun

Also known as torrone in Italian. A classic aerated confection based on whipped egg whites and cooked sugar (like a chewier, denser marshmallow). Nougat usually features nuts and is typically served cut into small squares or rectangles, although it is made in large sheets. It can be sweetened with sugar, honey (or both) and may have the addition of glucose or corn syrup.

When the sweeteners have been heated to the proper temperatures (anywhere from 250°F for a soft nougat to 313°F for a brittle nougat), they are gradually poured onto the whipped egg whites and beaten until cooled. At this point, other ingredients such as chopped almonds, pistachios, dried or candied fruit are added. Melted chocolate or cocoa powder can be added for a chocolate flavor.  The mixture is then quickly spread into a prepared pan, sometimes lined with edible rice paper, which can also be placed on top.

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