drop cookies

drop cookies [drop koo k-eez] noun


A cookie formed by the spoonful and dropped directly onto the baking sheet. Toll House® Cookies are a famous example of drop cookies. Two cereal spoons can be used to scoop and drop the dough, but for rounder, neater cookies and better yield control, use small food-dishers, such as these below (also known as ice cream scoops).

ice cream scoops for making drop cookies


Bakepedia Tips

Some recipes recommend chilling dough before dropping the cookies onto the baking sheet, others are formed right after preparing the dough. Always follow the recipe’s directions, however, if your drop cookies seem to be spreading too much, try chilling the dough even if it was not suggested (baking times might have to adjusted). Keep a small bowl of warm water nearby; dipping the cereal spoons or food-dishers into the warm water every five cookies or so (shaking them dry before forming more cookies) will help keep the tools clean and the warmth will keep the cold dough from sticking to them.

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